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How to disable System Usernames without DOORS login

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How do you disable System Usernames without logging into the IBM Rational DOORS client as the Administrator user?


In order to reset the DOORS Administrator password the system usernames database property must be disabled. Otherwise, using the DOORS -otdbpw switch as described in Tech Note #1324457 will fail to generate the keycode needed to reset the Administrator password. Normally, you would log into the DOORS client as Administrator to disable System Usernames, but in this case, you cannot, as the Administrator password has been lost. Thus, you must disable System Usernames from the back end in order to reset the Administrator password.


If you need to disable System Usernames without logging into DOORS please contact IBM Rational Support to create a PMR, and send your userlist.dtc file. You should not make user-related changes while you wait for Support to return your userlist.dtc file, as those changes would be lost when you replace the file with the version obtained from Support.

When Support returns your userlist.dtc file, you should:

  1. Stop the DOORS database (make sure your users are all logged off first).

  2. Rename your userlist.dtc file to, or a similar name that is not already in use.

  3. Place the new userlist.dtc file in your v6data/users directory.

  4. Restart DOORS. Now System Usernames will be disabled so you will be able to proceed with resetting your Administrator password as described in Tech Note #1324457.

  1. If you cannot reset your Administrator password using the DOORS -otdbpw switch even though System Usernames is not enabled, please refer to Tech Note #1576495.

  2. If you cannot send Support your userlist.dtc file, please refer to Tech Note #1570941 for an alternative technique to reset your Administrator password with System Usernames enabled.

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