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How to turn on debug logging in IBM Rational Change and the DOORS-Change integration

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How to enable/turn on the debugging in Rational Change and in DOORS-Change integration for troubleshooting purpose.


Following is the procedure to enable/turn on debugging for both the Rational DOORS-Change integration and Rational Change:

  1. Open the file <DOORS Installation>\lib\dxl\startupFiles\ using your favorite text editor
  2. Find these lines:
    • bool ECPSDEBUGON = false //debugging flag
    • const string ECPS_DEBUG_LOGFILE = "c:\\temp\\ecpsLogfile.txt" //debug log file
  3. Change the value of ECPSDEBUGON from false to true
  4. Set the value of ECPS_DEBUG_LOGFILE to the path where you want the logfile to be written. Make sure to include the filename.
  5. Exit the DOORS session if one is currently started and restart the DOORS session.

Also, from within Rational Change:

1. Log into Rational Change as an Admin user

2. Navigate to the Home

3. Select Event Log from the left pane

4. Clear the log

5. Check the “Log Debug Messages” checkbox.

Once debugging has been enabled, reproduce the behavior and send following log files that are generated in the location specified in the above steps to Rational Client Support:

  • ecpsLogfile.txt (from Integration side) and
  • event.log (from Change side)

Note: Please make sure to disable the debugging from both Rational Change and the DOORS-Change integration after the issue has been reproduced. Since, it may affect the performance.

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