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** Troubleshooting ** 'Couldn't connect to source database. Check your settings' when testing source (inside FAP Client)

Technote (troubleshooting)


User launches the FAP Client ("IBM Cognos FAP"), and logs into a FAP database successfully.

User clicks tab "Sources", highlights an existing source and clicks "Edit".

User clicks "Test Connection". An error message appears.


No connection
Couldn't connect to source database. Check your settings.


There are several known causes for this message:

  • Scenario #1 - Limitation of Controller 10.2.x, when run on 64-bit device, if connecting to Oracle
  • Scenario #2 - (Rare) Issue occasionally seen when copying FAP databases between environments, where the password can only be successfully changed/saved directly inside the SQL database.

Resolving the problem

Scenario #1

Use the Microsoft .NET utility 'CorFlags.exe' to modify the file 'fapclient.exe' to change its bitness to be 64-bit.

Scenario #2 (rare)

In one real-life example, it was necessary to change the data source details (for example password) directly inside the SQL database table.


1. Launch SQL Management Studio

2. Locate/expand the FAP database

3. Right-click on the table 'NRTR_SOURCE' and choose 'Edit top 200 rows'

4. Modify the relevant details (inside "Password" and "CCRDBUrl" manually"
5. Close the table, to commit the changes.

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Software version: 10.2.0, 10.2.1, 10.3

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Modified date: 21 September 2009

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