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How to view ‘task subsystem’ values

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How do you view ‘task subsystem’ values in Telelogic Change as seen in Telelogic Synergy?


The 'task subsystem' attribute gets the information from the 'attrange.dft' file located in the
'<database_path>/pt' folder. It is not stored as an attribute in the database like the 'Release' attribute which can be configured as a database populated Listbox.

The values for the 'task subsystem' attribute are hard-coded into the 'attrange.dft' file as seen below:

task:task_subsys range

The Listbox that is defined in 'attrange.dft' for Synergy must be manually recreated in the Listbox Editor for Change.

Edit the 'attrange.dft' file and add a new value for the 'task sub-system' attribute, this value will reflect in Synergy task create window.

However, the 'task subsys' value in change cannot be made database dependent and will have to be edited manually by using the listbox manager.

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Software version: 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.7, 5.0, 5.1

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Modified date: 01 October 2009