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Display 5000 plus Change Requests results in "The query limit of 5000 was exceeded for this report format" error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to display a matrix format report with any 2 attributes in Telelogic Change with 5000 plus Change Requests results in the error "The query limit of 5000 was exceeded for this report format".


The full error message is as follows:

The query limit of 5000 was exceeded for this report format.  The query found 5017 results, please refine your query, select a new report format or contct your administrator to change the query limit for the report you ran.

Screen shot:


The default settings in the pt.cfg for MAX_QUERY under 'General System Settings' is set to 5000.

If any report output exceeds 5000 change requests, then Change shows an error as below.

Resolving the problem

For other formats like column, block etc, modifying the MAX_QUERY value to something greater than 5000 works fine.

Note: The issue is only with Matrix format reports, where changing the MAX_QUERY does not help.
The above mentioned error message will continue to be display.

Steps to resolve the issue are as follows:

  1. Edit the file predefinedSharedReport.cfg located at CS_HOME\cs_app\webapps\synergy\WEB-INF\wsconfig\system\predefinedSharedReport.cfg file.

    The file 'predefinedSharedReport.cfg' has multiple entries for [MAX_QUERY] which is responsible for generating matrix format reports.

    Definition for matrix format reports are saved in this file.

    Here is an extract from the file:
    [CCM_REPORT][NAME]Resolver/Release matrix[/NAME][QUERY]Resolver/Release matrix[/QUERY][PROBLEM_DEF]adhocMatrix1161362792750.14978878901161376591937.1630018908[/PROBLEM_DEF][EXPORT_FORMAT]HTML[/EXPORT_FORMAT][MAX_QUERY]5000[/MAX_QUERY][MAX_STRING]32000[/MAX_STRING][INCREMENTAL]false[/INCREMENTAL][INCREMENT_SIZE]0[/INCREMENT_SIZE][STYLE]Matrix[/STYLE][DESCRIPTION]Create a matrix report for all assigned items for resolver/release.[/DESCRIPTION][/CCM_REPORT][CONTINUUS_CFG_DELIMITER]

  2. Modify all the predefined report formats and set all the MAX_QUERY entries to a value greater than 5000 as per your report output.

  3. Save this file and restart Change 4.7 jetty services.

  4. Login to Change with 'user' role.

  5. Create a new Matrix format. Run the same query with the new matrix report.

    This time the error message will not appear.

Note: If you don't create a new format and use the previous format itself, it may not work.
From Support , It is recommended that after modifying the MAX_QUERY settings in both pt.cfg and predefinedSharedReport.cfg files, create a new matrix format and run the reports with the same query but new matrix format.

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Software version: 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.7, 5.0, 5.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1403609

Modified date: 22 September 2009