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Rational RFE Community now Preferred Method for Requests for Enhancements



The method for entering new Requests for Enhancements (RFEs) for a majority of Rational Software products will be through The IBM Software RFE Community.
For more information, check out the FAQ on the RFE Community site at


What is the Rational RFE Community?
The Rational RFE Community is a place where you can collaborate with Rational development teams and other product users through your ability to search, view, comment on, submit, and track product requests for enhancement (RFEs).

The community acts as a front-end database bridged to the back-end Rational ClearQuest database called ROCR. New submissions, user comments, status changes, and developer comments are bridged between the Rational RFE Community and ROCR several times a day. The bridge to ROCR allows our development teams to work with the process and tools they are most comfortable with, while allowing our users to collaborate in an open community environment.

  1. How will this change help you?

    Using the Rational RFE Community as the preferred method for RFE submission will:
    • Eliminate Multiple Touch Points that slow down communication in the RFE process.

    • Increase the Transparency in the Development process for you.

    • Provide Predictable Response Times for feature requests
      -- Initial triage in 30 days, and
      -- Disposition in 90 days.

    • Empower you to Influence Rational product direction and roadmaps as well as breakdown barriers between end-users and development.

    • Provide a better tool for you to Review other RFE ideas on the same product and cast a vote for their favorites.

  2. Some Popular Features of the Rational RFE Community
    • Online Submission of RFEs

    • Browse RFEs by product:
      -- Top 20 Watched RFEs,
      -- Top 20 Voted RFEs,
      -- Planned RFEs, and
      -- Delivered RFEs

    • Online Searching for RFEs

    • Vote on RFEs

    • Watch RFEs

    • Set Email or RSS feed notifications

    • Comment on RFEs

    • Start / Join a group to discuss RFEs

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