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How to run multiple versions of Rational Quality Manager server on the same machine

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How do you configure IBM Rational Quality Manager server versions and 2.0 to run concurrently on the same server using two instances of Apache Tomcat?


By default, Rational Quality Manager server versions and 2.0 can be installed on the same machine; however, you are only able to run one version at a time due to port conflicts.


The following steps explain how to set Rational Quality Manager 2.0 to utilize non-default ports, allowing you to start it while Rational Quality Manager is already running on the default ports.

This allows you to run both servers concurrently.

  • The procedure below requires that you utilize Apache Tomcat for both instances of Rational Quality Manager.
  • The paths in the procedure below are only an example, and assume that that both Rational Quality Manager versions are installed in their default locations on a Windows XP machine. You will need to modify this procedure if you are using non-default locations or a different operating system.
  • The ports in the procedure below assume that you are changing Rational Quality Manager 2.0 server to use ports 9081, 9444, and 9006, and 9010. You may need to substitute other values if these ports are not available on your server.

    1. Run
    C:\Program Files\IBM\RQM\server\server.shutdown.bat
    C:\Program Files\IBM\RQM20\server\server.shutdown.bat
    to stop all instances of Rational Quality Manager server.

    2. Open
    C:\Program Files\IBM\RQM20\server\tomcat\conf\server.xml
    in a text editor.

    3. Replace all instances of "9080" with "9081" and all instances of "9443" with "9444".

    4. Replace
    <Server port="9005" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">
    <Server port="9006" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">

    5. Replace
    <Connector port="9009" 
    <Connector port="9010"

    6. Save and close server.xml.

    7. Open
    C:\Program Files\IBM\RQM20\server\conf\jazz\
    in a text editor.

    8. Add

    9. If the Rational Quality Manager 2.0 server is being used as a floating license server, replace "9080" with "9081" in the license service setting. For example:\://localhost\:9081/jazz

    10. Save and close

    11. Run
    C:\Program Files\IBM\RQM\server\server.startup.bat
    to start Rational Quality Manager server

    12. Run
    C:\Program Files\IBM\RQM20\server\server.startup.bat
    to start Rational Quality Manager server 2.0.

    13. Wait for
    INFO: Serverstartup in n ms
    to appear in each of the command prompt windows, where n is any integer.

Both Rational Quality Manager servers are now running. You can access Rational Quality Manager at https:// [hostname]:9443/jazz/web/console/and Rational Quality Manager 2.0 at https:// [hostname]:9444/jazz/web/console/where [ hostname ] is the machine name or IP address of your server.

In order to prevent conflicts between the authenticated sessions in your web browser, you should not attempt access both instances of Rational Quality Manager concurrently from the same client machine in the same web browser. If you would like to log into both versions from the same client, use Firefox for one instance and Internet Explorer for the other.

Due to performance degradation when running multiple Tomcat servers, this configuration should not be used in production environments.

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