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How to add a custom menu for DOORS modules

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How do you add a custom menu to modules in IBM Rational DOORS?


You can create your own menus to display in DOORS that will provide functionality from menu
items you define and associate with DXL scripts.


Here is an example of how to create a menu and add the functional components to display in a DOORS module. Menu components are stored in a folder in the addins directory.

As an example you have two DXL scripts "makeattr.dxl" and "archive.dxl" that need to be available
from a menu Titled "Mymenu" that will display a menu item for each script that you click to activate.

    Note: your DXL scripts must contain both forms of comment delimiters ""//" and "/* */"
    otherwise the menu item will not display. Below are examples of the two required comments
        1. // this is the first for of comment required in your script

        2. /* this is the second form of comment required */

How to Create a Menu:
  1. Navigate to $DOORSHOME/lib/dxl/addins

  2. Create a folder for the menu you are creating

    For example: MyMenu

  3. Copy and paste two files from the addins directory into the MyMenu folder
    • addins.hlp
    • addins.idx

  4. Rename the files with the new folder name MyMenu
    • MyMenu.hlp
    • MyMenu.idx

  5. Edit the MyMenu.idx file to create the menu items

    All comment information in the idx file is prefaced with two forward slashes

    Below the comment information are the menu item lines


    user    U _ User


    makeattr M _ Create Custom Attributes
    archive  A _ Archive Closed Items

    • Line 1 has two parts:

      1. makeattrib is the name of the dxl script to execute when the Hotkey M is pressed

      2. Create Custom Attributes is the name of the Menu item label that will be displayed

    • Line 2 "--------" is a menu item separator

    • Line 3 is the second menu item use the same syntax as line 1 for other menu items

  6. Put the dxl files listed above into the same directory as the .idx file

  7. Save and Exit DOORS

When you open a module the new menu is displayed

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