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Collect troubleshooting data in WebSphere Process Server for z/OS

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You are having a problem in WebSphere Process Server for z/OS. You would like to know what documentation you must collect (MustGather) so that the WebSphere Process Server for z/OS Support team can diagnose your problem. If you gather this documentation before contacting support, it will expedite the troubleshooting process, and save you time.

Diagnosing the problem

Gather the following information and files:
General Diagnostic Info

  • Problem description
  • Environment description
  • All files from profile_root/profile_name/logs/server_name
  • All files from profile_root/profile_name/ffdc
  • Project Interchange(PI) or EAR file from the involved applications

z/OS Specific Info
  • Install and Update logs
  • Joblogs
  • ABEND / crash, send first MVS SVC Dump
  • Versions list from SMP/e
    The script is helpful, but it reports only basic information. Print the ++APAR list from the TSO panels SMP/e or run an edited versionJCL. Include any manual interim fixes that are not listed and have been applied with Java™ archive (JAR) files. The ++APAR list is required for building new fixes and problem determination.

    Print the ++APAR list from the TSO panels SMP/e or run an edited WPSzVersion JCL.
    WPSzVersions.txt WPSzVersions.txt
  • Output from /D OMVS,L and /D OMVS,O

Instructions for collecting the diagnostic information

To collect the general diagnostic information, see the "Manually collect troubleshooting information" section in Collect troubleshooting data for WebSphere Process Server document.

For issues dealing with any of the following install or update commands, gather the corresponding log files.  
      AppServer/logs/manageprofiles/default_augment.log Installation, fix or Upgrade

applyPTF and zSMPUpgrade
      < Config_HFS >/properties/service/logs/WBI/



Other configuration problems:
      Run the following command from an OMVS shell.
      cd $WAS_HOME/AppServer/profiles/default
      Run the commands
      export PATH=$WAS_HOME/AppServer/java/bin:$PATH
      jar -cf /tmp/pmrno.jar `find . -name '*.xm*' -o -name '*.props' -o -name '*.txt' -o -name '*.log`
      All xml, props, logs and .txt files

      The pmrno.jar file can be large but terse is not needed since this is a compressed file, send as a binary file.

  1. Collect the job log files for each of the WebSphere Application Server regions. These files can be shown with the Display Active (DA) command from the Time Sharing Option (TSO) in the System Display and Search Facility (SDSF).

    To find the job name, check the administrative console under: Application servers > server_name.
    The job name is in the 'Short Name' field.

    When the administrative console is not available, you can find the JOBNAME using UNIX System Services (USS). For example:

    # cd $WAS_HOME/profiles/default/config/cells/G02CellBase/nodes/Node1MVSP1/servers/server1
    # iconv -f ISO8859-1 -t IBM-1047 server.xml  |grep JOBNAME    <startCommandArgs>JOBNAME=WZG02Z1,ENV=G02CELL.NODE1.WZG02Z1,REUSASID=YES</startCommandArgs>

  2. Enter the job name prefix at the COMMAND INPUT ===> prompt. Example: W%G02Z1* :

    If jobs are not listed, check the filters. If a job is not running, enter h at the COMMAND INPUT ===> prompt to display the "held" jobs.

  3. For each job, save the log files. In the NP column, enter XDC: (X - output, D - dataset, C - close).

  4. Enter a data set name to save the log.

    Log files might also be redirected to HFS files. Inspect the job logs for log file redirection. See the "Directing SYSPRINT Output to an HFS File in WebSphere for z/OS" document for more details.

    An alternate method may be to copy a joblog into a dataset with the commands
    TSO OUTPUT jobname(jobnumber) PRINT(TEST.DATASET) KEEP

What to do next

  1. Review the logs and traces at the time of the problem to try to determine the source of the problem.

  2. Use IBM Support Assistant to search for known problems in the information center, forums, and technotes.

If you cannot find related problems or cannot solve the problem, send the information that you have collected to IBM by following the instructions in Exchanging Information with IBM Technical Support.

For a listing of all technotes, downloads, and educational materials specific to WebSphere Process Server , search the WebSphere Process Server support page.

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