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How to determine license use for Rational Common Licensing

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How can you determine license use for IBM Rational Common Licensing?


IBM Rational does not provide a tool by which license usage can be determined.


Use the command lmutil lmstat -a to determine license usage in your environment.


  1. Open a command prompt to the directory install_dir\common
    (By default, the lmutil program is installed in the install_dir\common directory.)

  2. Type lmutil lmstat -a

    Note: The lmutil lmstat command is designed to serve as a tool for problem diagnosis and should not be considered a reliable license usage or monitoring tool. IBM Rational does not provide such a tool.
    FleXera sells a tool called FlexNet Manager specifically for that purpose.

For IBM Rational ClearCase Licensing, use the command clearlicense to determine the status of license files.
The Rational ClearCase Information Center provides more information on using this command:

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