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V9 DB2 Connect installation on Windows fail with error 2896.

Technote (troubleshooting)


V9 DB2 connect installation on Windows fail with following messages in installation log:

Action start 10:29:40: set_INSTALL_NAME_AND_SELECT_propertyCA.
Action ended 10:29:40: set_INSTALL_NAME_AND_SELECT_propertyCA. Return value 3.
DEBUG: Error 2896: Executing action set_INSTALL_NAME_AND_SELECT_propertyCA failed.
Internal Error 2896. set_INSTALL_NAME_AND_SELECT_propertyCA
Action ended 10:29:40: InstallWelcome. Return value 3.
Action 10:29:40: SetupCompleteError.
Action start 10:29:40: SetupCompleteError.
Action 10:29:40: SetupCompleteError. Dialog created


The issue could be due to the previously uninstalled V9 DB2 product not being completely cleaned up.

Resolving the problem

Clean the previous DB2 V9 installation using db2unins -f and try installing again.

-f option:
Performs a brute force uninstallation of ALL DB2 database products on the system. The db2unins -f command can be issued from either the installation media or an install copy on your machine. Your system will reboot when you successfully issue db2unins -f. It can only be issued if there are no DB2 products prior to version 9 installed on the system.

So use the -f option only if the above conditions are met.

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Software version: 9.1, 9.5

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1382891

Modified date: 23 April 2009

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