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How to create a custom background image for all Controller users inside a database

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Customer would like to modify (customise) the background picture of Controller (from the default blank / white screen) to something customer-specific (or more useful).

How can a customer change their Controller client background?


By default, the background for the Controller client is a white screen:

Customer would like to customise that to be something different.


Potential scenarios of why a customer would want to change the background:

  • #1 - Customer wishes to customise the application to give it their corporate branding (look and feel)
  • #2 - Customer wants to display a message visible for all users , which the superuser can control (for example "Remember, submissions must be done by the 3rd day of the month")
  • #3 - Customer wishes to integrate Controller with their intranet/web portal
  • #4 - Customer wishes to provide end users with links to other useful resources (e.g. location of helpful manuals/documentation)

Resolving the problem

Perform the following tasks:

  1. Ask your webdesigner to create an HTML page which achieves your desired aim (for example, contains corporate logos/images and/or links to helpful documentation etc.)
  2. Host this HTML page on a suitable website (e.g. the Controller application server, or even a different/remote web site)
  3. Use the following two Controller preferences to enable the Controller client to use this HTML page:

    This setting enables the functionality which allows the background image to be customised/modified.

    • NOTE: This is a Controller 'server preference'
    • Server preferences are stored inside the database.
    • Therefore, if you have multiple databases (for example 'ControllerLive' and 'ControllerTest', then you will need to repeat this for each database
    • i.e. this change is done on a per-database basis

    This setting tells the Controller client which website to populate the background with.

    • NOTE: This is a Controller 'local preference'
    • 'Local preferences' are stored inside the user's profile
    • Specifically, they are stored inside the file: %APPDATA%\Cognos\CCR\ccr.config
    • Therefore, each user will have to change their STARTPAGEURL individually
    • i.e. this change is done on a per-user basis

1. Launch Controller
2. Logon as a super-user (administrative) account
3. Click 'Maintain - Configuration - General'
4. Click on tab 'Server Preference'
5. Inside the field ' Variable Name' enter the text: ENABLESTARTPAGE
6. Inside the corresponding box ' Variable Value' enter the value: T

7. Click 'save'
8. Repeat the above for each database that you wish to modify.
    Afterwards, each end user must do the following:
    9. Launch Controller
    10. Click ' Maintain - Installation - Local Preferences'
    11. Inside the field 'Key' enter the value: startpageurl
    12. Inside the corresponding box ' Values' enter the relevant website (i.e. the one that your web designer has created for this purpose), for example: http:// myintranet/help/ournewcontrollersystem.html

    13. Close Controller
    14. Test.

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