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How to burst a crosstab report

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This document describes how to burst a crosstab report.

Resolving the problem

Add the burst key to a data container with one dimension, such as a list report. To burst a data container with multiple dimensions such as a chart or crosstab, create a master-detail relationship between this query and a single dimensional query, and then add the burst key to the single dimensional query.
Drop the crosstab within a list object that contains the burst key. Please see the attached Cognos 8.2 report spec going against the GO Sales and Retailers package.

  1. Create a list report with the data item (Staff Name (Multiscript)) that you want to burst on as your first column. This will be the master list.
  2. Insert your chart or crosstab as the second column of the list. This automatically creates a second query, which will be the detail query.
  3. Add data items to your crosstab as needed. (Order Method as Rows, Order Year as Column, Quantity as Measure)
  4. In the list, create a section with the item you want to group on. This is for formatting only.
  5. Hide the list column title under the List property General -> Column Titles -> Hide.
  6. In the Query Explorer, add the burst key data item that is in Query1 to Query2 (Staff Name and Email)
  7. Select a crosstab cell and use the ancestor tool to move up to 'Crosstab' In the properties for the crosstab, edit the Master Detail Relationship property to link the burst key in both queries. (Staff Name)
  8. Click on the row section of the crosstab (Order Method in the example provided). In the properties pane under Data, open the Properties dialog and click on the box for the burst key so it is checked.
  9. Set Burst Options to burst on the list object's burst key.
  10. Burst the report and view the results.

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