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How to reset the Administrator password in DOORS when it has been lost

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How do you regain access to IBM Rational DOORS if the Administrator password has been lost?


The option to change your password requires logging in to DOORS as Administrator.
When this information is lost or forgotten you will need to contact your DOORS support team to reset the password credentials.


To reset your password: you need to start DOORS in a mode that generates a keycode that you send to support who will use it to generate a one time password to log in.

WARNING: Do not use this procedure when your database properties has System Usernames enabled. It is strongly recommended you perform the procedure while working with a support engineer because keycodes and passwords are session specific and can not be reused.

Starting Rational DOORS with the command-line switch you generate a key that will help you to log in.

Note: Database administrators can control users ability to reset the administrators password.
Information regarding authorized user control is discussed in the note below.

Steps to reset Administrator password

  1. Create a shortcut for DOORS.exe file on your desktop

  2. Right-click the shortcut and open the properties

  3. Go to the SHORTCUT Tab of the Properties dialog box

  4. At the end of the Target line left click after the closing quote

  5. Hit the Space Bar once then add -otdbpw ""


    "C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.3\bin\doors.exe" -otdbpw ""

    Note: Rational DOORS administrators who want to control the authentication process to reset the Administrator password can set the database password. When the database password is set, attempts to reset the Administrators' password without this information will result in a Rational DOORS report window, with the message "invalid Password"
    When the database password has been set by a DOORS administrator that value needs to be included inside the quotes at the end of the switch. This password for the database, by default,
    is not set. Use the DOORS Database Server Admin tool to set the database password; this will prevent unauthorized users without knowledge of this information from resetting the Administrators password. Using this shortcut the DOORS login window will display with an additional Key field

  6. Starting Rational DOORS from the shortcut displays the login window with the added Key field

    This encryption key information is then provided to support who will use it to generate a one time password to be used in that login window

    You should not close this window; you need to type in the password provided by support

    When the one time password is entered into the login window and you click OK
    a dialog box is displayed with the message:
    The password for user Administrator has expired, and must be changed before continuing


  7. Click OK to close the message window and open the Change Password DOORS dialog box

  8. Supply a new password that meets the requirements setup for password restrictions as defined in the database properties

Once the Administrator password is reset the shortcut can be removed or at a minimum delete the password reset switch and save the shortcut.

Legacy versions of Rational DOORS before 8.3 provided a UNIX-based client.

To reset the Administrator password on this platform:

  1. Start Rational DOORS and include the switch -otdbpw


    doors -otdbpw port@host from $DOORSHOME/bin

  2. When DOORS starts a key will be returned in the login window

  3. Send this key to your Rational Support team exactly as it appears
    Support will provide a password to log in

For Rational DOORS 5.2

Follow the steps above without the use of quotes (as no database password could be set for this version of Rational DOORS). Although information about Rational DOORS 5.2 is included here, this version is no longer available. If you are using Rational DOORS 5.2, you should upgrade to a supported version as soon as possible in order to receive support.

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