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The "Change Requests" tab is not available in the Synergy developer client.

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The "Change Requests" tab is not available in the Synergy developer client.


If the CR Tab (Change Request Explorer) is not visible or is grayed out upon loading the Synergy Java (Developer) client, there are a few items to research which could be causing this behavior.


Item One:

Most often the missing CR Tab (Change Explorer) is due to an improper database path used when starting the client. Typically this means the database path's case doesn't match the path as it was entered in Change. Following is a bit more discussion on this topic:


Verify that the database you are logging into via the developer client is indeed the same database as utilized by Change. This means that the database path must match exactly, including case and leading/trailing slashes. If it is indeed the same database and database path, you may be able to correct this behavior by removing it from Change and re-adding it, then restarting the developer clients. This would be done from the Change server tab by selecting the database and clicking "delete" which will remove it from the Change installation (but still allows the database to be accessible via CM). Once deleted, simply click the "Add" button and re-add the database back to the Change installation. This should effectively clear out any possible synchronization issues which may be causing the CR tab to not show in the Developer client.


Sometimes, when adding databases to Change installations with an existing process package, a particular attribute is not updated as expected. Uninstalling and re-installing the Process package as an Administrator via the Change Packages tab has at times been seen to rectify similar issues. This is a worthwhile option to attempt as well, and to note any behavioral changes once done. Often times after upgrades, either removing then re-adding the database or reinstalling the process package is sufficient to rectify this behavior.



Item Two:

This will require ccm_admin permissions to make any changes. Please consult your application administrator before running the commands below.
Th validate the correct Change URL is being used by the Synergy client, run the below mentioned query on a client machine which is displaying the problems:

1. Start a CM session from the command line.

2. Run the below query

   # ccm query -n cs -t admin

   # ccm attr -s pt_app @1

Check the result of the above command to ensure that the Change URL is listed properly. If this does not match the current URL for Change, then run the command below to update it.

   # set your role to ccm_admin,

   # ccm query -n cs -t admin

   # ccm attr -m pt_app -v <CS URL> @1

Restart your CM session and check if you are able to browse to Change URL from Tools -> Problem -> Telelogic Change.



Item Three:

This will require administrative permissions for the Change application. Please consult the application's admin prior to making any of the suggested changes below.
From within Change's Admin screens, check the General Administration tab has the "Synergy integration" settings de-selected (selecting them will disable the integration). This information would be found within the Admin Help Guide under the "integrations" index heading. The documentation states that "All shipped lifecycles have an active integration; all custom lifecycles have the integrations disabled initially."


With the above in mind, you may also need to check your Change process xml file via the lifecycle editor to ensure the appropriate settings have been made. Specifically within the process, you will need to click the Edit button at the CRProcess level, and navigate to the Synergy/CM tab at the far right of the resulting dialog. From this tab, ensure that the Activate Synergy Integration check box is selected, as well as the appropriate login role defined below that. Of course if any changes are made here you will need to save the xml file, regenerate the process package, and install the new package, as well as restart the developer client in order to see the changes take effect.



Item Four:

Please ensure all clients and servers are running the correct (and same) Synergy versions and patch levels. 4.5, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.7 AnswerProduct versionPartner ContentInternal ContentCategoryReference IDAuthor

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