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How to Run Repotools with a SQL Trace Turned on

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How can you setup a SQL trace when running repotools in IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC)?


The upgrade script may have failed, or you need to run additional trace to debug repotools commands. Enabling trace may also be helpful if repotools crashes or hangs when running a command.


To setup a SQL trace when running repotools:

  1. Copy the following text file into your environment. For example, copy it into C:\Temp.

  2. Run the repotools command with the following parameters. This example is for the -createTables function, and the log4j file has been copied to C:\Temp:

    repotools -createTables logFile=C:\temp\repotools.log\Temp\
  3. Running repotools with the above log4j settings will produce a repotools_create.log including tracing details.

NOTE: In RTC 4.0.5, Online migration not logging messages (278570) made the used by repotools easier to find. As of 4.0.5, it is in conf/ At the time of publishing this article, 4.0.5 has not yet been released. Check the Downloads page for 4.0.5 once it has been released.

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