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Allocating enough memory and solving OutOfMemoryErrors with the Rational Team Concert Client

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How can enough memory be allocated to the IBM® Rational® Team Concert (RTC) Client in order to prevent Out Of Memory Errors?


Default memory allocation may not be sufficient.


Allocated memory can be set using JVM's -Xmx parameter in the appropriate .ini file:

  1. Go to <RTC_Client_Install_Dir>scmtools/eclipse directory.
  2. Copy/Paste the original file scm.ini in order to be able to revert back your changes.
  3. Edit the file scm.ini
  4. Observe: initial value is: -Xmx512m
  5. Replace the line with a new value: -Xmx1024m
  6. Save your changes
  7. Launch the RTC Client

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Modified date: 25 September 2008