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How to use the Out Of Office (OOO) diagnostic tool



In case the Lotus Notes/Domino Out Of Office (OOO) does not work properly, IBM Support has provided a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot the most common problems that can be encountered. How do you use the OOO diagnostic tool?





-- Notes/Domino 7x or later releases; all operating systems

-- Local Notes client
-- Administrative access

Steps to utilize the tool:

1. Download and place it in your local Notes\Data directory.
2. Read the "About this Database" cover sheet, which describes the initial setup and how to use the database.
3. Follow the steps in this document to copy the database to the Data directory on your Domino server.
4. To troubleshoot, select the database to analyze or type the database name and path that relates to the Domino\Data directory, for example, "mail\user.nsf".
5. Select from the various tests available. Note that the last test in the list is a comprehensive test.

This tool is an updated version with the following enhancements:
* Further simplification of the mail troubleshooting form
* Main form now displays relevant server and server config information
* Out of office report form now contains a DXL output of the outofofficeprofile and ooserviceprofile documents
* Now you can remove either just the profile documents or the agents
* If your server is 8.x or higher ability to toggle out of office service debug
* Help pages have been added to portion of the tool
* Email logging has been removed in favor of logging within the database



Additional resources:

For a comprehensive guide about OOO functionality, refer to the following content:

Technote #7006404, "Guide to the Notes/Domino Out of Office. Part 1: Out of Office Design and Features."

Wiki article: The IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Out of Office service: Best practices


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