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10204 FP_OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED Centera error when retrieve document

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10204 FP_OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED Centera error when retrieve document

Resolving the problem

Error reported in Windows event log is like :
CatService.exe hr=0x80004005(Unspecified error) chCenteraError.cpp[96] ($Revision: 1.2 $): ; FPClip_Open; -10204

Error reported form time to time when retreiving a document.

For it to happen you need to have :
- a Centera server using more than 1 POOL (and anonymous access disabled)
- several FixedContentDevice (FCD) configured to access different POOL on Centera server
- document being stored in the different

If this is the case, the system may mix-up the Centera Pool while retrieving the document and generate the error.

The issue is linked to the usage of Cendera SDK 2.3 on the CE side.
In this case (DTS 192225), a temporary solution including some Centera SDK 3.1 dll has been validated for this customer.

However the generarl solution is to go to CE 3.5.2-003 which fully uses Centera SDK 3.1

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More support for: FileNet Content Manager
Content Engine

Software version: 3.5.1

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1278382

Modified date: 07 January 2017

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