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Changes to native embedded browser in Notes 8.x clients



This technote describes changes made to the native embedded browser in Lotus Notes 8.x clients from previous releases.


As described in the technote, "What's new in Notes 8?" (#1264877), Notes 8 is a plug-in to Lotus Expeditor, and Expeditor provides items in the Notes 8 user interface, one of which is the embedded browser. This browser is different from the native Notes browser in Notes 7.

See below for a general overview and also specific nuances and caveats to be aware of with the embedded browser in Notes 8.x.


Lotus Notes 8.x clients on Windows platforms now default to using an embedded version of Internet Explorer for rendering HTML content. Notes maintains the option, as a preference settable by policy, of using the internal HTML renderer available in earlier versions of Notes.

By using Internet Explorer as the HTML renderer, Notes is able to display HTML pages as accurately as possible in the ever evolving landscape of Web standards and implementations. Notes uses the version of Internet Explorer installed on the operating system and will benefit from any enhancements or security fixes that Microsoft provides. The result is Notes displays email and Web pages with the same fidelity and security as Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8 would.

Please note, however, that the primary purpose of the embedded browser within Notes is for the rendering of HTML email and the integrated display of Web pages and Web content for various controls such as the feed reader. It is also useful for occasional or light-duty Web browsing.

Notes does not currently provide a full-featured Web browser experience such as that provided by Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. For example, Notes does not have enhanced URL bars, PrivateBrowser, SmartScreen filters, suggested sites and accelerators, or other browser experience enhancements. For those requiring that type of browser experience, we recommend using those browsers directly rather than the embedded browser.

IBM is continually evaluating what functionality to provide in the embedded browser (as well as throughout the product in general) and welcomes any feedback on the topic.

Nuances & Caveats

Selecting a browser choice
End users can no longer pick different browsers for different Notes Locations. Instead, they must select one browser choice, under File > Preferences, to dictate Notes' behavior when clicking a hyperlink:

• Use the browser embedded in this client
• Use the browser I have set as the default for this operating system

"Preview in Web Browser" in Domino Designer
However, Application Developers can still choose the desired browser for previewing design changes ("Preview in Web Browser") by going to Locations (File > Locations) and then selecting the "Internet Browser" tab. Note that this tab is hidden unless the Domino Designer client is installed on the system.

With the embedded browser, there is no "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" menu. The only way to bookmark an item is select Create > Bookmark for the bookmark bar, but then you cannot add it to your "Internet Explorer Links" folder. (This is not by design)

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Modified date: 15 June 2011