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Collect troubleshooting data for profile creating problems in WebSphere Process Server

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You are having a profile creation problem in WebSphere Process Server. You would like to know what documentation you must collect (MustGather) so that the WebSphere Process Server Support team can diagnose your problem. If you gather this documentation before contacting support it will expedite the troubleshooting process, and save you time.

Resolving the problem

Collect troubleshooting data for profile creation problems with WebSphere Process Server. Gathering this information before calling IBM support will help familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and save you time. You can use ISA Lite to automate part of this process

Required diagnostic information

Gather the following information and files:

General diagnostic information
  • Problem description
  • Environment description

Profile creation diagnostic information
  • Profile creation questions
  • Profile creation logs
  • Profile wizard tracing (if needed)

Instructions for collecting the diagnostic information

Collect the information using the following steps:

  1. If you are using the Profile Creation Wizard and unable to complete the steps in the graphical interface , please capture and send the screen shots and describe the problem.

    If you are using the command line approach, please send the exact command you are running from the command line and any response files used or input files (such as a port definition file).
  2. Answer the following questions:
    • Describe the steps that you took through the profile creation?
    • What are the database vendor, database version, and driver version that you use to connect to the database?
    • Which databases, if any, are on remote machine.
    • Run "versionInfo -maintenancePackages " command from <WPS_install>/bin directory and send the results to the IBM support

  3. Collect the contents of the following directories if they exist:
    • <profilePath>/logs/
    • <profilePath>/properties/
    • <WPS_HOME>/logs/
    • If the problem involves federation to the deployment manager, gather these logs:
    • Collect the following files:
      UNIX-based platforms: /tmp/niflogs.wbi/log.txt (if it is created)
      Windows: %TEMP%\niflogs.wbi\log.txt (if it is created)
      i5/OS: /tmp/InstallShield/niflogs.wbi/log.txt (if it is created)
  4. If you cannot run the profile Creation Utility and no logs are created,
    • WebSphere Process Server V6.0.2 only:
      Run the profile creation utility at the command line, and include the following parameters. Then gather the two log files that are created:

      -is:log c:\bootstrap.log.txt -is:javaconsole >c:\install.log.txt
      Example: pcatWindows.exe -is:log c:\bootstrap.log.txt -is:javaconsole >c:\install.log.txt

      AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris
      -is:log /tmp/bootstrap.log -is:javaconsole >/tmp/install.log.txt
      Example: ./pcatLinux -is:log /tmp/bootstrap.log -is:javaconsole >/tmp/install.log.txt

      Note: >c:\install.log.txt or >/tmp/install.log.txt must be the last parameter in the command. Make sure that you have write permission on that directory. Check the logs to see why the utility cannot start.
    • WebSphere Process Server V6.1 and above:
      Profile Management Tool is eclipse based utility. If you are unable to start the Tool , please review the restrictions and prerequisites documented in the information center.
For details on what to gather for the general diagnostic information, see the "Manually collect troubleshooting information" section in Collecting troubleshooting data for WebSphere Process Server Version.

What to do next

  1. Review the logs and traces at the time of the problem to try to determine the source of the problem.

  2. Use IBM Support Assistant to search for known problems in the information center, forums, and technotes.

  3. If you cannot find related problems or cannot solve the problem, send the information you have collected to IBM by following the instructions in Exchanging Information with IBM Technical Support.

For a listing of all technotes, downloads, and educational materials that are specific to WebSphere Process Server , search the WebSphere Process Server support page.

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