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How to import floating license keys manually on a Rational license server on UNIX and Linux

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How do you apply a permanent or a temporary license key on an IBM Rational Licensing FLEXlm license server on UNIX and Linux without using the license_setup or license_check scripts?


You would like to understand the procedure to know the various steps involved in deploying license keys manually for maintenance and updating purposes



Note: Syntax in the license.dat file will vary based on whether it is a permanent or temporary license key.

  1. Create a file called license.dat in the <License Server Installation>/config directory

  2. Ensure the permission of this file is set to world readable

    For example:
    chmod 777 filename.dat

  3. Copy the contents from .upd extension license file to the license.dat file once you have the required permission set for the license.dat file created:

    Your license.dat file should contain syntax similar to the following below:

    SERVER "Actual hostname" "Actual hostID"
    VENDOR rational
    VENDOR ibmratl

    INCREMENT UnifyingPlatform rational 1.00000 permanent 2 \
    DE86D06F56E0 VENDOR_STRING="|Floating|0| ClearCase_LT:1.0, \
    ClearQuest:1.1, RequisitePro:4.0, soda_word:3.5, \
    TestManager:7.1, UnifiedProcess:5.1" OVERDRAFT=0 DUP_GROUP=UH \
    vendor_info="0|IBM Rational Team Unifying Platform Floating \
    License Key|0" ISSUED=08-mar-2007 NOTICE="Sales Order Number: \
    For Example Use Only" ck=175 SN=982730

    Note: If you are attempting to import temporary license keys, your server line should be as shown below:

    SERVER "Actual hostname" ANY

  4. Save the file and navigate to /Rational/base/cots/flexlm.x/platform/ directory.

  5. Execute the following command to start the license server with the license.dat file that you have created:

    ./lmgrd -c <full path to the license file>

    For example:

    ./lmgrd -c /Rational/config/license.dat

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