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You are having a problem with WebSphere Integration Developer. You would like to know what documentation you must collect (MustGather) so that the WebSphere Integration Developer Support team can diagnose your problem. If you gather this documentation before contacting support it will expedite the troubleshooting process, and save you time.

Resolving the problem

Learning more about MustGather
Automatically collect MustGather data
Manually collect MustGather data
Submitting MustGather data to IBM Technical Support
Collecting MustGather data for related products

Learning more about MustGather

The term "MustGather" represents the diagnostic data (system information, symptoms, log files, traces, and so on) that is required to resolve a problem. By collecting MustGather data early, even before you open a PMR, you help IBM Support quickly determine the following:
  1. Whether symptoms match known problems (rediscovery)
  2. If you have a non-defect problem that can be identified and resolved
  3. If there is a defect that identifies a workaround to reduce severity
  4. If locating the root cause can speed development of a code fix

Automatically collect MustGather data

Collecting MustGather information for problems with WebSphere Integration Developer has now been automated in IBM Support Assistant (ISA) V3.

After upgrading to IBM Support Assistant V3, you can install the WebSphere Integration Developer product feature which will provide you the following functionality:
  • The IBM Support Assistant provides a data collector feature that can automatically collect and package diagnostic (MustGather) data for your problem with WebSphere Integration Developer.

  • Once collected, the IBM Support Assistant also gives you the ability to submit the MustGather data to IBM Technical Support using the integrated interface to the Service Request (SR) tool.

For more details on installing the WebSphere Integration Developer product feature, see Using IBM Support Assistant to collect MustGather data.

For a show-me demo of IBM Support Assistant and the preceding features, see the IBM Support Assistant V3 Overview.
Manually collect MustGather data

  • Provide the WebSphere Integration Developer build level. The build level can be found at Help > About IBM WebSphere Integration Developer > Build id.
  • Provide system description:
    • Number of processors
    • Operation system
    • Memory on system
    • Is VMware used

    For example:
    • Dual -CPU, hyper-threaded as 4 CPU
    • Windows XP with SP3
    • 4GB memory
  • Provide the level of other IBM/Eclipse products (Are any fix packs installed?).

    For example:
    • WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2.0.2 + Interim Fix 004
    • WebSphere Process Server V6.2
    • WebSphere Business Integration Modeler tools
  • If other Eclipse based products (for example: Rational Application Developer, Rational Software Architect, WebSphere Business Modeler, and so on) exist, are they coexist/shellsharing (in the same package group) with WebSphere Integration Developer?
  • If in a team development environment, please specify the product used in source control
  • If the problem occurs during application publishing or testing, provide the detailed level of runtime (UTE).

    To collect the level of runtime, run the following command and collect the output into a text file:


    If there are specific fixes that you applied using WebSphere Update Installer, use the command below to show the details of the runtime

    install_root\runtimes\bi_v6\bin\versoninfo.bat -maintenancePackages

    • Are there any user specific settings for the server (for example: -Xmx, -Xms, and so on)?
    • Is the problem occurred on UTE or the remote server?
    • Is the user using manual or automatic build?
    • Is the user using automatic (rapid deploy) or manual publishing?
  • Please provide a testcase scenario to be used for recreating your problem
    • Problem statement, for example, how the system is being invoked (for example: JSP, EJB, client application, component test environment, BPC explorer, other). What is the use case leading up to the problem, including screen shots?
    • Provide detailed steps to reproduce the problem
    • If applicable, key to reproduce, for example, platform-specific, importance of certain steps
    • Provide the project in project interchange format, or simply zip up the entire workspace with .metadata folder.
  • Provide any other information you think will help locate or help solve the problem.
Submitting MustGather data to IBM Technical Support

To diagnose or identify a problem, it is sometimes necessary to provide Technical Support with data and information from your system. In addition, Technical Support might also need to provide you with tools or utilities to be used in problem determination. You can submit files using one of following methods to help speed problem diagnosis:
  • IBM Support Assistant (ISA)
  • Service Request (SR)
  • FTP to the Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep)

For information about using each of these services, see Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support.
Collecting MustGather data for related products

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