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How to serve a license key to client machines through a firewall

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How do you configure IBM Rational Common Licensing to serve license keys through firewalls?


Simply opening the ports on the firewall will not allow the clients outside the firewall to get a license. The server has to be configured to use specified ports.


How to point a client machine outside a firewall to a License Server

  1. Open three bidirectional (two-way communication) ports on the firewall
    • one for the license manager daemon (lmgrd.exe)
    • one for the rational daemon (rational.exe)
    • one for the IBM rational daemon (ibmratl.exe).

      Any port numbers can be used but FLEXlm recommends 27000 for lmgrd and any other ports between 27001 and 27009 for rational and ibmratl.

      If you need information on how to open ports on a firewall, contact your firewall software vendor.

      If your firewall is Windows Firewall, simply go to the Windows control panel > Windows Firewall and add a port from Exceptions tab.

  2. Once these ports have been opened on the firewall, they will need to be specified on the SERVER and VENDOR (DAEMON in old license files) lines within the license file.

    On UNIX and Linux platforms:
    Locate the *.dat license file and use a text editor to modify the daemon lines to look like the example below:

    SERVER <hostname> <hostid> 27000
    DAEMON rational /usr/local/flexlm/sun4_solaris2/rational port=27001
    DAEMON ibmratl /usr/local/flexlm/sun4_solaris2/ibmratl port=27002

    On Windows platform:

    Locate the rational_server_perm.dat license file on the license server.
    By default this file will be stored in
    • C:\Program Files\Rational\common (for License Server version7.0.1 and earlier)
    • C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\common (for License Server version 7.1 and higher)

      It is good practice to also update the temporary license file (rational_server_temp.dat) at this time. Rational License server v8.1.1 will have a different directory:
      C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalRLKS\common


      SERVER <hostname> DISK_SERIAL_NUM=1234abcd 27000
      VENDOR rational "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\common\rational.exe" port=27001
      VENDOR ibmratl "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\common\ibmratl.exe" port=27002


      1. Open the License Key Administrator on the License server
      2. Access Settings and select Server Ports
      3. Enter the ports opened for each of the daemons and click OK.|

      Note: If your attempt to change the server ports from the License Key Administrator (LKAD) results in the FLEXlm service stopping with error messages in the logs about missing host ID, you need to apply IBM Rational Common Licensing Interim Fix 03 or modify the license file manually as per the steps in technote#1454407.

  3. Once the License server is configured with the ports opened on the firewall, go to the client machine.

    On UNIX and Linux platforms:
    Set the Environment variable
    LM_LICENSE_FILE=<port#>@<server host name or IP address>
    Example: setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 27000@<hostname>

    Note: You must stop and restart the Rational License Server for these changes to take effect.

    Kill all the current lmgrd and rational process that belong to rational
    % /bin/ps -ef | grep lmgrd

    Start the license server using one of the below:
    %cd <Rational>/config/start_lmgrd_on_<your machine>
    %lmgrd -c <license file> -l <flexlm log file>

    On Windows platform:
    1. Open the License Key Administrator
    2. Access Settings and select Client/Server Configuration
    3. Enter the lmgrd port and click OK.

    4. The client should then be able to get a license from the server.

    • If you have installed any IBM Rational Software Development Platform products that are configured to use floating license support:

      1. Open the Installation Manager > Manage Licenses

      2. Select the product ( for example IBM Rational Performance Tester)

      3. Select Configure Floating license support and click Next

      4. Select I accept the terms of the license agreements and click Next

      5. Select the line where the license server is mentioned

      6. Click on Edit (the pencil symbol)

      7. Enter the lmgrd port number in the "Edit Server" window and click OK

      8. Click Finish

      Once the ports have been confirmed, follow steps 1 through 3.

      Note: If you are in a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN), increasing the Server Wait Time (License Key Administrator>Settings) from the default 5 seconds to 25 seconds will give the clients ample time establish a connection and obtain licenses from the server.
    Note for Rational License Server v8.1.1 and v8.1.2 (Refer technote 1411515 )
    Starting from this version of license server v8.1.1 the ‘telelogic’ daemon file binary is merged with the’ ibmratl’ daemon along with ‘rational’ daemon which enables the license server to host all products served by both these daemons. This also provides backward compatibility to older legacy versions for both rational and telelogic products

    To summarize, if v8.1.x is used as the license server , it can just have single VENDOR/DAEMON* line in the license files with just VENDOR ibmratl , it can serve licenses for both rational and telelogic products.

    *VENDOR and DAEMON are complementary keywords hence can be used interchangeably

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