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Steps to load a required TOC for NAS NDMP restore using WebClient

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote provides steps on how to load a required Table Of Contents (TOC) during a NAS NDMP file level restore using the Tivoli Storage Manager Web client


Working as designed


Tivoli Storage Manager with NDMP operation

Resolving the problem

The default TOC is loaded during the Web client start up for a NAS NDMP node and is a merged TOC containing the most recent differential and the last full NDMP backup. If the requested restore information is not backed up in the last differential or full NDMP backup, actions need to be taken to switch to the correct TOC. Below are steps on how to switch to the required TOC.

  1. In the Web client restore window, select the filespace
  2. Click on the "Point in Time" button at the top of the Restore panel. It will show a panel with three options: 
    -1. Use latest data
    -2.  Use Point In Time
    -3.  Use Selected Images
    Select option 3 and select the image that should contain the required backup. After the selection is confirmed, the according TOC will be loaded.
  3. After the new TOC load finishes, browse through the file level structure to find the needed data.

Steps 2 and 3 may be repeated with different images to locate the needed backup.

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Modified date: 17 January 2011