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How to obtain license keys for IBM Rational products

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How do you obtain license keys for your IBM Rational product?


Most IBM Rational products require license keys in order to run. Others give the option of using license keys as a way of controlling usage within an enterprise. The IBM Rational License Key Center is a web service that allows for the generation and management of Rational license keys.
Note: As this website is hosted by Flexera your IBM User ID and password cannot be used to log in. You will need to create a separate member id and password.

For details about which Rational products require license keys or activation kits, see the Rational A-Z list on the Rational Support Licensing page.


Accessing the IBM Rational License Key Center

  • Only the Passport Advantage account Primary Contact and Site Technical Contact are automatically assigned as default members of the Rational License Key Center account. A Welcome email is generated from If you are a Primary and / or Site Technical Contact, follow the instructions in the email to access the account for the first time.

    If you cannot locate your Welcome email, proceed to the IBM Support Licensing web page and perform the following action: Log into the Rational License Key Center. On the Log in page Click the "Forgot your password?" link to resend the Welcome email that contains instructions to create your password.

  • If you are not the Primary Site Contact or Site Technical Contact, you must request to be added as a member of a Rational License Key Center account. Contact your Site Contacts to request access. Either Site Contact can manually add you to the account.

    Note: IBM Business Controls prevents the Technical Support Team from providing account numbers or account access to individuals without prior authorization from the Primary Contact on the account. This policy is to protect customer information. If you do not know your account number, your customer number, your Primary Contact, or your Site Technical Contact, then seek out the person in your organization that works with IBM Rational Support. That person either is the Site Technical Contact or can tell you who is. If all else fails and you need help from IBM in locating your account number or Primary Site Contact, contact the IBM eCustomer Care team in your region.

    You can also add yourself as a member of your company's License Key Center account:

  1. Navigate to the IBM Rational License Key Center.

  2. Click the "Don't have a password?" link on the License Key Center log-in page.

  3. Enter your contact information and the IBM Site Number. Also, enter the Sales order number if you have it. The Primary Site Technical Contact has this information in the IBM Proof of Entitlement (PoE) certificate.

    1. Submitting without a Sales order number will invoke an authorization process for your account. The email response from the Licensing Key Center might not be immediate.

    2. When entering the Sales order number along with the Site number, authorization is not required. You receive a Welcome email right away.

  4. Verify whether you receive a Welcome e-mail. After account creation, you receive a Welcome e-mail.

  5. Create a password from a link on the Welcome email and log in the License Key Center within 72 hours of receiving the e-mail. Otherwise the link for creating new password will expire and you will need to request a new e-mail.

Generating your license key

After accessing the License Key Center, follow the steps in the How to generate license keys for Rational Products from the Rational License Key Center site to generate a license key.

Installing your license key

After the generation of a license key, the License Key Center provides installation instructions for the key. You can convert a trial or evaluation version to a permanent version by installing the key after generation. It is not necessary to uninstall or reinstall the product. For more information about license key usage, see these topics in the IBM Knowledge Center > Rational Licensing :

Getting Help

Contact IBM Rational License Support with questions or problems with obtaining a license key.
Have your IBM Customer Number (ICN) ready, You can find your ICN on a Proof of Entitlement document. Then call us at your local number. See Directory of worldwide contacts.

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