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Find answers and solve problems quickly and efficiently for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS and z/VSE (CICS TS).

Resolving the problem

Whether you are a new user looking for basic information, or an experienced user looking for a specific workaround, you can benefit immediately from IBM's extensive Web-based support. Download fixes, search on keywords, find how-to information, and possibly solve a problem -- all before contacting IBM Software Support directly.

Follow these steps to get help with CICS Transaction Server

To find answers and solve CICS Transaction Server problems :

Describe the problem

If possible, try to recreate the problem. Document the following:
  1. Steps you took to recreate the problem, and any symptoms or error messages you observe.
  2. Recent changes that have been made to your processing environment, such as hardware or software that has been added or removed.
  3. System configuration updates.

An accurate description of the problem and symptoms will help you search more effectively. If you need to contact IBM Software Support, an accurate description will ensure your problem is routed to the appropriate product specialist for a quicker resolution.

Determine if this situation has already been reported

The problem might already be documented and resolved, so check these product support resources to see if the answer you are looking for is available:

  1. Product Documentation
    The IBM Knowledge Center provides fast, centralized access to CICS Transaction Server product documentation, updated regularly. CICS documentation in PDF format is also available.

  2. CICS Transaction Server Web page
    Access documents such as APARs, Technotes, SupportPacs, flashes, and News items.
    • If you find an APAR that fixes your problem, order the PTF if it is available. You can order the PTF from the link in the APAR or by following the instructions for ordering PTFs in Ordering CICS products and maintenance.

  3. CICS Transaction Server Detailed System Requirements
    Software and hardware prerequisites. Verify the product release and major update requirements for the software you are running.

  4. IBM System z Security Portal
    Find out the best way to stay current and be notified when there is a security and integrity APAR for a System z product like CICS.

  5. Engage in the CICS community
    There are multiple CICS social media channels that you can follow and participate in to stay informed and find answers, including the dW Answers community forum.

  6. My Notifications
    Register to receive email notification about APARs, IBM product updates, and items of interest.

  7. Social Media Channels for z Systems Software
    Find out what social media channels are available for other z products

If you still need help, contact IBM Software Support:

Gather background information You will need to Collect troubleshooting data so that CICS Support can diagnose your problem. If you gather this documentation before contacting support it will expedite the troubleshooting process, and save you time

Determine the business impact

You must assign a severity level to the problem when you report it, so it is important to understand the business impact of the problem you are reporting. The following table displays the four different severity levels as defined by the Software Support Handbook:

IBM Software Support severity levels
Severity 1 Critical Impact/System Down: Business critical software component is inoperable or critical interface has failed. This usually applies to a production environment and indicates you are unable to use the program resulting in a critical impact on operations. This condition requires an immediate solution.
Severity 2 Significant business impact: A software component is severely restricted in its use or you are in jeopardy of missing business deadlines because of problems with a new application rollout.
Severity 3 Some business impact; Indicates the program is usable with less significant features (not critical to operations) unavailable.
Severity 4 Minimal business impact: A non-critical software component is malfunctioning, causing minimal impact, or a non-technical request is made.

Submit the problem to IBM Software Support

You can contact IBM Software Support on-line:

You can also contact IBM by phone. Refer to the IBM software support contacts page for phone numbers that service your location.

When a software defect is identified, an Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR) will be created by IBM Software Support, describing the problem in detail, along with any necessary diagnostic documentation that you might be asked to provide. Closed APARs are published to the CICS Transaction Server and related product support pages daily, so clients experiencing similar problems can benefit from the same resolutions. You can search the CICS Support Page to find APARs that will fix your specific problem or use the Fixes by version document to view a list of APARs for each version of CICS Transaction Server.

Submit technical questions to IBM Support

If you have a SoftwareXcel enterprise edition for zSeries contract, you can ask non-defect installation and usage questions by selecting "Software Usage Support" when opening a new Service Request from the Service Request page.
  • If you have a Support Line contract (or equivalent service by country), you can contact IBM Support by phone to ask installation and usage related questions. Refer to the IBM software support contacts page for phone numbers that service your location.

The Software Support Handbook has more information on each of these offerings.

Tell us if you are satisfied with the support you received

IBM Software Support is committed to providing excellent service to our clients and we want your feedback. We monitor responses obtained through customer surveys and from feedback mechanisms at every step in the process to determine how we are doing and look for ways to improve your support experience. Please take advantage of these facilities to tell us what you think.

If you need to escalate a service request (SR) or problem management record (PMR):
  1. Escalate through IBM Software Support.
    • Regional Support Contacts - Americas:
      • Need to talk to support during the weekend for a severity 1 issue?
        Call Support (1-800-IBM-SERV) and ask for the Duty Programmer (24x7 availability).
      • Having trouble getting a PMR resolved satisfactorily?
        Call Support (1-800-IBM-SERV) and ask for the Duty Manager (24x7).
    • Regional Support Contacts - EMEA: Software support in EMEA is handled at the local or country level. Refer to the IBM Software Support Country Contact Web site for a list of phone numbers (24x7).
  2. Contact your IBM Representative.
    • If IBM Support and the Complaint Management processes have been engaged and were unable to resolve the problem, contact your IBM Representative.
    • If necessary, your IBM Representative can open a complaint for you.

The Software Support Handbook has more information on the escalation process.

If you need to reopen a service request (SR) or problem management record (PMR):
  • If the recommendations provided to you fail to satisfy the requirements, you can reopen the service request by calling your local support center and referencing the original SR number. For IBM service requests, this must be done within 28 days of original closing date.

Engage IBM Software Services for CICS

Deepen your CICS knowledge, expand your skills, and apply best practices with expert assistance from IBM Software Services for CICS. The mission of this team of product specialists, who have access to product development and support personnel, is to accelerate the use of CICS technologies by customers, IBM Global Services and Business Partners. As an integral part of all software sales, IBM Software Services for CICS provides worldwide support for CICS products through a set of services that make it easy to design, build, test and deploy applications for business. Together with the CICS Training and Certification team, they can also help structure an education program that is right for you.

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