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License Key Administrator prompts for FLEXlm licenses after installing ClearCase

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote answers how to respond when the License Key Administrator prompts for FLEXlm licenses after installing IBM® Rational® ClearCase® to use Classic Atria Licensing.

Resolving the problem

FLEXlm licensing, IBM Rational Common Licensing, is an available licensing scheme for use with Rational ClearCase 7.0 and later versions.

The former licensing scheme, ClearCase (Atria) Licensing, is also still available, and during the installation one must be selected for use.

Note: These are independent options, and only one can be configured for ClearCase at a time.

After installing ClearCase 7.0, the License Key Administrator will open and ask for FlexLM license details, even if ClearCase (Atria) Licensing was the selected license scheme.

Note: If License Key Manager was not already installed, it will be with ClearCase 7.0, even if ClearCase (Atria) Licensing is selected for use.

You can disregard and close the License Key Administrator; you do not need to enter FlexLM license details when Classic Atria Licensing is in use.

If ClearCase Atria licensing was chosen after installation, open the ClearCase Control Panel (Start > Run type cc.cpl) and click the License tab to change to Rational Common Licensing.

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