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mkreplica -import fails with source container directory already exists

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains why the error, multitool: Error: Unable to create directory ".../VOB.vbs/s": File exists, occurs when attempting to import an IBM® Rational® ClearCase MultiSite® replica creation packet using multitool mkreplica -import.


Attempts to run multitool mkreplica -import twice for the same replica results in the following error:

    multitool: Error: Unable to create directory "/net/host1/vol/vob/CA_data.vbs/s": File exists.
       multitool: Error: Unable to create VOB replica: error detected by ClearCase subsystem
    Multitool mkreplica -import -workdir /tmp/blah -tag /vobs/CA/CA_data2 -vob /net/host1/vol/vob/CA_data.vbs \
    -hpath /net/host1/vol/vob/CA_data.vbs -gpath /net/host1/vol/vob/CA_data.vbs \
    -host CCHOST -npreserve -public /opt/rational/clearcase/shipping/ms_ship/incoming/repl_original_15-May-
    multitool: Warning: Storage pathname "/net/host1/vol/vob" may not reside on host "CCHOST".
    The packet can only be used to create replica "rep2"
     - VOB family is 2749e56b.c64511da.8a0b.00:01:83:52:70:35
       - replica OID is f832f4ae.e43a11da.9497.00:01:83:52:70:35
       Should I create this replica? [no] yes
       Comments for "rep2":
       Processing packet /opt/rational/clearcase/shipping/ms_ship/incoming/repl_original_15-May-
       multitool: Error: Unable to create directory "/net/host1/vol/vob/CA_data.vbs/s": File exists.
       multitool: Error: Unable to create VOB replica: error detected by ClearCase subsystem

This error is reported as a result of creating the VOB during a previous multitool mkreplica -import attempt where one of the following two are true:
  1. The VOB that was created by multitool mkreplica -import during the first attempt still exists

  2. The VOB storage directory has been removed (does not exist), but the VOB is still registered and tagged and there is a vob_server process running that is referencing that directory.

Resolving the problem

If your objective is to remove the VOB and run multitool mkreplica -import to recreate the VOB, then complete these steps:

  1. Remove the existing VOB that was created during the first run of multitool mkreplica -import. Use the cleartool rmvob command if there has not been any work performed in the VOB, as this will remove the VOB storage directory and will also unregister and untag the VOB from the ClearCase registry.

  2. If the VOB storage directory does not exist, then the error is caused by the existence of ClearCase registry entries. Use the cleartool unregister and cleartool rmtag commands to remove any old VOB registry entries; refer to technote 1134700 for assistance.

  3. After performing either of the previous steps, kill any vob_server processes that still references the old VOB. You can use albd_list to identify the process, refer to technote 1148639 more details.

For directions on running the above mentioned cleartool sub-commands, refer to IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man <sub-command>.

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Software version: 7.0, 2003.06.00

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1238703

Modified date: 30 May 2006