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Support Policy for Microsoft Virtual PC with ClearCase and ClearQuest

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What is the support policy for IBM Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest running on Microsoft Virtual PC images?


About Virtual PC

Microsoft Virtual PC for Windows (formerly Connectix Virtual PC) is a client based software virtualization application that allows simultaneous operating systems to run on a single PC. Each virtual machine emulates a complete hardware system—from processor to network card—in a self-contained, isolated software environment, enabling the simultaneous operation of otherwise incompatible systems.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual PC and Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest:

  • Question: Is IBM Rational ClearCase & IBM Rational ClearQuest supported on Virtual PC?
  • Answer: Yes.

Note: So long as the version of the operating system installed on the Virtual PC application is one to which ClearCase and ClearQuest is supported, Virtual PC is supported.

Note: IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational ClearQuest do not specify support for specific Virtual PC products in these matrices because Virtual PC itself provides transparency to the operating systems, applications, and middleware that operate above it to which we do support.

  • Question: If I encounter a problem when running ClearCase or ClearQuest in a Virtual PC environment, will IBM Rational provide defect support?
  • Answer: It depends.

For example, any problems related to the ClearCase/ClearQuest UI (user interface) or command functionality can be treated as if it were occurring on the native operating system.

Any problem related to communication or performance or network functionality, IBM support under certain circumstances may have to rule out Virtual PC as a component of the problem since Virtual PC uses a virtual network adapter. If the problem can not be reproduced on the native file system, then IBM Rational will not fix or support those problems as it is Virtual PC specific.

Note: A case by case determination will be made in deciding which defect will be filed and fixed by IBM Rational support.

  • Question: What Virtual PC products has IBM Rational evaluated and are there any known issues to be made aware of?
  • Answer: Virtual PC products are currently broken into three offerings:

Virtual PC 2004, 2005, 2007
IBM Rational has evaluated Virtual PC and there are no known issues associated with virtualization of ClearCase and ClearQuest on Virtual PC 2004, 2005, 2007

Virtual Server 2005, 2007
The use of Virtual Server 2005 and 2007 has not been officially evaluated by IBM Rational at this time and therefore is unaware of any issues that may arise.
Due to the architecture similarities between Virtual PC, the virtualization of ClearCase and ClearQuest on the Virtual Server 2005 and 2007 should operate as expected.

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