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How to recreate the Message Tracking Store database and MTDATA subdirectory

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What are the steps to recreate the Message Tracking Store (MTSTORE.NSF) database and its associated MTDATA subdirectory?


To recreate the MTSTORE.NSF and MTDATA subdirectory, do the following:

1. Shut down the Domino Administrator client.

2. Issue Tell Router quit on the server console.

3. Delete or rename the MTDATA subdirectory at the Operating System level*. MTDATA is a subdirectory of the Domino data directory.

*If you receive a message that the directory is in use, issue the following command on the server console:

    dbcache flush

and then try to delete/rename the directory again. If you receive a sharing violation, Domino will need to be brought down to delete/rename the directory.

4. Issue Load Router(or start the server) on the server console.

5. Launch the Domino Administrator client and select the Files tab. You should see a MTDATA folder, which contains the new MTSTORE.NSF.

Restarting the Router task also restarts the MTCollector task. The MTDATA subdirectory is created when Message Tracking is enabled in the Configuration document and the Router task is restarted.

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