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Utility to collect ClearCase logs and diagnostic data on Linux, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris

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Is there a way to collect IBM Rational ClearCase logs and diagnostic data on Linux, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris to assist Technical Support?


See Change History for updates.

This is a new updated version of SCT (version 6).

The System Collection Tool (SCT) is designed to gather customer information on a system in order to start the preliminary troubleshooting process. It gathers system, network, hardware, and ClearCase information, including logs and configuration files. The tool outputs the information into segregated files for easy analysis and review. The SCT tool also is bundled with the System Collection Script (SCS) script used for escalated issues to engineering, performance analysis, and additional system information that the SCT tool may not collect.

The instructions documented in this technote are expected to work on any of the supported platforms that are listed in the ClearCase System Requirements documents. For Ubuntu, the Korn shell will need to be installed before running the tool.

Update: SCT Integration into ISA

The SCT tool (along with SCS) is also included now with the Rational ClearCase 7.0 product plug-in, for IBM Support Assistant (ISA) V3.x and later .

ClearCase 7.0.x and later plug-in for ISA allows you to:
  • Quickly access all the information about ClearCase and search through all IBM technical resources

  • Collect general system information needed for initial troubleshooting.

  • Collect all the initial ClearCase data needed for specific problem diagnostic and analysis. For UNIX
    platforms, it leverages the SCT tool to enable the data collection capability.

  • Open and manage problem reports using ESR interface.

  • ISA V3.1 - Automatically be notified for changes and updates.

For more information about the functionality of ISA, including where to get a copy, visit the IBM Support Assistant page.

The attached shell script will collect some preliminary information about your environment to assist the technical support team in troubleshooting your issue.

Download script file here: ---> SCTv62.tar.gzSCTv62.tar.gz

The script will collect the following information:
  1. OS system, version information, I/O data, and software packages installed

  2. System error messages

    Note: Error output is generated from the kernel at boot time; it shows the devices the kernel has found and if it has been able to configure them at all - aside from user configurations, as well as logging any system errors during up-time.

  3. ClearCase/MultiSite version and environment information

  4. ClearCase, MultiSite, RWP, Samba logs

  5. Network information

    Note: The SCTv6.tar file includes a readme document (SCTv61_readme.txt). This file details what the tool is collecting (referencing the commands, description, and location) and segregates the data by operating system and product.

Usage Instructions:

1. Make a new directory in /tmp: (/tmp/ibm)

2. Copy the script below to local filesystem (i.e. /tmp/ibm), and login as root

3. Untar the SCTv61.tar.gz file to extract the SCT tool and scs script file

gzip -d < SCTv61.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

4. Add the appropriate permissions to execute, if needed

chmod 755 SCTv6 , chmod 755 scs

5. Execute the script to gather system and ClearCase information to send to support


Note: There are two new options

Disables the -long options to any of the cleartool commands

-t <TEMP Directory>

Specifies a new Temporary Directory for the SCTv6 collection. If this option is used, the tar file will be located within this directory.

6. Send the generated file to Rational support that is located within the /tmp directory.

The filename of the archive that will be generated after executing the SCTv6 script will be in the form of:




Upon completion of the script, the display will show the pathname and output file.
Note: If the -t option was used, the tar.gz will be located within the specified directory.

Review the comments in the SCT script for more details, or reference the SCTv6_readme.txt file.


Change History
31 October 2016 Corrected parameter parsing issue in SCT script.

Improved support of current Red Hat, SuSE and Ubuntu releases.
26 January 2016 Enhanced support of Red hat 7, SuSE 12, Ubuntu 12, and Ubuntu 14
Fixed issue where the nslookup command could stall while data collection runs, thus stalling the data collection.
26 July 2012 Enhanced SCS to support SUSE 11 and Red Hat 6
17 November 2011 New SCT Version 5
New version of scs
Collects version 8.0 install and CM server logs
21, Apr 2011 New SCT version 4_2:
Fixed Install log collection for patched 7.1.1 and 7.1.2
New version of scs
Fixed collection of CM server logs to the rwp directory.
28 July 2010 Reattached as tar file and updated instructions
17 May 2010 Fixed script name
01 March 2010 Updated for ClearCase 7.1.1
02 Nov 2009 Updated SCT version to 4 - includes updates to collect ClearCase 7.1 data
19 May 2008 Added step 1 to usage instructions
23 December 2008 Updated SCT version to 3
27 August 2007 Added ISA information
25 July 2007 Added error when SCT is run on 7.0.1
11 June 2007 Updated SCT version to 2.1

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Modified date: 10 November 2016