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How does implementing archive policies affect server performance

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In Lotus Domino®, you want to implement archiving policies and want to know the pros and cons of various options available with respect to performance impact. For example, how will mass archiving impact your server performance?


Mass archiving:
This is a batch-like activity which should be scheduled outside business hours whenever possible. It strains the disk I/O, CPU, and memory, because the archiving (compact) agent scans all mail files to select documents that satisfy the archiving policy criteria, then replicates them to the Archive database and possibly deletes them from the original database.

To avoid this holdups, dedicate a Domino server for this process or create a directory link pointing to a distinct physical volume, other than where the Domino Data folder resides. Set the archive in this directory and this will relieve the disk I/O. The archive goes by default into the Domino Data directory and therefore uses the same physical volume as the data it archives. If you set a dedicated archiving server, set it to do the work.

Client-based archiving:
This is archiving done by a user's Lotus Notes client. It allows private archiving (selective archive settings done by each mailfile user). It also allows you to set a schedule from the Archive Settings document. However, the schedule must be during business hours and might conflict with normal operations since the Notes client must be running for scheduled local archiving to occur.

If there are many users, it's wise not to schedule all archiving at the same time. Instead, you could divide your pool of mail files/users in subsets to be processed at different times of the day or the week, and then have as many archive settings as necessary to apply a specific schedule to subsets of your user population.

Server-based archiving:
This is archiving done by a server. It allows you to schedule archiving outside of business hours and to divide archiving of very fine subsets of mailfiles by scheduling server programs running the compact -a (or -A) task.

The drawbacks are that the schedule is in a separate location (in server programs instead of archive settings) and server-based archiving in Domino releases before 7.0 does not allow private archiving (selective archive settings done by each mailfile user).

An enhancement request was submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR# MPAL65YS9R for server-based archiving to allow private archiving. This is now allowed in Domino 7 releases.

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