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2058 Queue Manager name error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Your program attempts to connect to WebSphere MQ and fails.


2058 0x0000080a MQRC Q MGR NAME ERROR


2058 is returned when connecting to a queue manager using the wrong queue manager name.

This is the most common cause, however there can be other reasons for this failure.

Resolving the problem

Ensure that the queue manager name is specified correctly on:

  • MQCONN API calls
  • QREMOTE object definitions
  • Client connection channel definitions

Debugging QCF, TCF, or Client connection problems are much more complex.
  • Ensure that the connection request is routed to the intended machine and queue manager.
  • Verify that the listener program is starting the channel on the correct queue manager.
  • Ensure that the specifications for the client environment variables are correct.
  • mqserver
  • mqchllib
  • mqchltab

If you are using a client channel table (, then verify that your client connection channel definition has the correct queue manager name (QMNAME) specified.

Corrective actions:
  • Specify the correct queue manager name.
  • Correct channel routing problems.
  • Correct inetd listener configuration problems.
  • Correct client related configuration problems.

Example 1:
In this example, the sample program (amqsput) is used to put a message to queue (SVR.LQ) on queue manager (svr). Notice that it fails with reason code 2058. This failure occurs because the queue manager name is "SVR", not "svr".

Example 2:
After the queue manager name is corrected, this works as expected.

Example 3:
In this example the mqserver environment variable is used to configure a channel connection, from the client to the server, using channel(SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN). The client program (amqsputc) attempts to connect to queue manager(SVR), and to put a message to queue(SVR.LQ). This program fails with MQRC 2058, because queue manager(SVR) is not listening on port(1414); queue manager(HOBSON) was listening on port(1414).

Example 4:
After the mqserver is changed to include the correct listener port for queue manager(SVR), this works as expected.


On an  MQCONN  or  MQCONNX  call, the value specified for the QMgrName parameter is not valid or not known. This reason also occurs if the parameter pointer is not valid. (It is not always possible to detect parameter pointers that are not valid; if not detected, unpredictable results occur.)

On z/OS for CICS applications, this reason can occur on any call if the original connect specified an incorrect or unrecognized name.

This reason code can also occur if a WebSphere MQ client application attempts to connect to a queue manager within a WebSphere MQ-client queue-manager group (see the QMgrName parameter of  MQCONN ), and either:

    • Queue-manager groups are not supported.
    • There is no queue-manager group with the specified name.
Corrective action: Use an all-blank name if possible, or verify that the name used is valid.

For a complete list see API Reason Codes

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