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How to check license usage statistics on Rational License Server

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How do you check the current status of the Rational License Server and display user(s) who currently have licenses checked out?


The status of your Rational License Server can be viewed using LMTOOLS (also known as "License Tools"):

  1. Go to Start > Run, type in lmtools and click OK
  2. Select the Server Status tab.
  3. Click the Perform Status Inquiry button.

This will display the current status of the Rational License Server and provide detail of the users who have licenses checked out.

License server status may also be acquired through the command prompt using the lmstat utility.

The lmstat utility helps you monitor the status of all network licensing activities, including:
  • Daemons that are running
  • License files
  • Users of individual features

lmstat prints information that it receives from the license server system; therefore, it does not report on un-served licenses such as Nodelocked licenses.

To report on license usage from command line issue:

lmutil lmstat [-a] [-c license_file_list] [-f [feature]]

-a Displays all information.
-c port@host Uses the specified license server.
-f [feature] Displays users of feature.
Note: If feature is not specified, usage information for all features is displayed.

The output of lmutil lmstat -a looks similar to:

License server system status: 27000@myhost1
License file(s) on myhost:  C:\Program Files\Rational\Common\
myhost: license server system UP (MASTER) v10.8
Vendor daemon status (on myhost1):
rational: UP v10.8
Feature usage info:
Users of ClearQuest: (Total of 4 licenses issued; Total of 1 license in use)
"ClearQuest" v1.1, vendor: rational
floating license
daniel myhost2 (v1.1) (myhost1/27000 102), start Fri
5/3 7:29

daniel user User name
myhost2 user_host Host where user is running. display Display where user is running.
v1.1 version Version of feature.
myhost1 server_host Host where license server system
27000 port TCP/IP port on server_host
102 handle License handle.
start Fri 5/3 checkout_time Time that this license was checked
Note: With many active users, the lmstat command generates a lot of network activity.

It is worth mentioning that 'lmstat' command gives only a runtime statistics of the license usage and the information displayed is bound to change as more and more users start fetching licenses or quit their current sessions (or close/logout from the client applications).
'lmstat' information is mainly used for diagnostic purpose. There is no license usage/monitoring tool that IBM Rational provides.

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