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Information on creating and referencing a Flexlm options file

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This technote describes how you can create and reference a Flexlm options file for use with IBM® Rational® products. Flexlm is a license management tool used in Rational product licensing, and the options file allows the license administrator to control various Flexlm operating parameters.

Resolving the problem

For the Rational daemon to know the location of the Flexlm option file, you must add the path for the options file to the license file. Open the Rational license file in Notepad (depending on the type of licensing used, the license file is named something like "rational_server_perm.dat) and add the path of the options file to the license file. It should be the fourth line on the DAEMON line for the Rational vendor daemon.

For example:

SERVER jodawg DISK_SERIAL_NUM=801954bf DAEMON rational "C:\Program Files\Rational\common\rational.exe"

VENDOR rational

DAEMON rational "C:\Program Files\Rational\common\rational.exe"
"C:\Program Files\Rational\common\rational.opt"

To create an options file for Rational products, follow these steps:

  1. The Flexlm version must be 6.0 or later
  2. Rename the rational.opt.txt in the Rational\common directory to rational.opt.
  3. Set the desired options.
    • For more information on commonly used options, see Technote 1135435
  4. You must stop and then restart the license service for the changes to take effect.

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