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How to identify hostname and host ID for license generation

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How do you identify the hostname and host ID for IBM Rational license generation on the various platforms?


Host information (host name and host ID) are required to enter for floating / node locked license generation.

The host ID is a generic term used to identify the hardware to which you will be registering your key.


To get the hostname of the target machine, enter "hostname" into a system window

  • a UNIX/Linux shell
  • Windows Command Prompt

The lmhostid utility (Selecting the “Host ID”link on License Key Center will launch a pop-up with instructions on getting your host ID. ) returns the FLEXlm hostid of the current platform.

Invoked without any arguments, lmhostid displays the default hostid type for current platform.

The license server host ID can also be found by using the corresponding command from the table below for your license server's operating system.

Operating System
Type of identifier
32-bit hostid uname -m (returns 000276513100), then remove last 2 digits, and use remaining last 8 digits 02765131
DEC Alpha ethernet address netstat -i 080020005532
HP 32-bit hostid uname -i and convert to hex, or prefix with # 778DA450 or #2005771344
ethernet address lanscan (station address without leading '0x') 0000F0050185
Linux ethernet address /sbin/ifconfig eth0 and remove colons from HWaddr 00:40:05:16:E5:25 00400516E525
SCO Hostid String uname -x (returns SCO00354), then prefix with 'ID_STRING=' ID_STRING=SCO00354
SGI 32-bit hostid /etc/sysinfo -s and convert to hex, or prefix with # 69064C3C or #1762020412
SUN 32-bit hostid hostid 170a3472
ethernet address ncp 080020005532
Microsoft Windows ethernet ipconfig/all: Ethernet Adapter local area connection:
Physical Address: 00-1F-E2-14-FD-3E then remove '-'
Disk serial number vol: look for Drive C 'Volume Serial Number is', 6806-ABBD
and then remove '-'

Dongle - parallel port hardware key Sticker which is behind the dongle contains the Dongle ID 9-7A0A604D 9-7A0A604D

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