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How to reserve licenses for specific users or groups

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How do you reserve IBM Rational Common licenses for specific users or groups?


There is a requirement that floating licenses should be allocated to particular users and/or user groups.


Floating licenses can be reserved to particular users or user groups by creating "option file" as below:

  1. Create a text file in <Rational_Directory>\common\ and name the file "rational.opt" or "ibmratl.opt (for Rational Common License Server v8.1.1 onwards)". This is called the options file

  2. Use the reserve statement in your options file to reserve licenses for a specific user or group

    RESERVE #lic feature type type_name
    • #lic = the number of licenses to reserve

    • feature = the name of the feature for which you wish to reserve licenses. The feature name of the license is the second string in the INCREMENT line in the license file.

      For example, the feature name for the ClearQuest license is "ClearQuest".
      The spelling and the capitalization should reflect the INCREMENT line shown here:

      INCREMENT ClearQuest rational 1.1 permanent 1 8AC7D98E099C \
      VENDOR_STRING="3121-08497|Floating|0|ClearQuest:1.1 " \
      vendor_info="|Rational ClearQuest|1.0 " \
      ISSUED=18-Dec-2011 NOTICE="ABC company" ck=161

    • type = one of the following:

      Note: Some of the types may not be available depending on client product.
      • USER
      • HOST
      • DISPLAY
      • PROJECT
      • GROUP
      • INTERNET
      • HOST_GROUP

    • type_name = the name of the user or group for which the licenses are to be reserved

      Note: Review technote 1412398 for details on how to identify UserIDs used by IBM Rational ClearQuest Web.

      Multiple users and hosts can be defined by using GROUP or HOST_GROUP statement with the format below. UserIDs and Host names should be listed with a space in between.

      GROUP type type_name1 type_name2 type_name3

      Example1: If you wished to reserve 1 license of Rational Suite Enterprise for the user "superman", then the reserve statement in the options file should look like this:

      RESERVE 1 RationalSuiteEnterprise USER superman

      Example2: If you wished to reserve 2 licenses of Rational AppScan Source Developer License for the host "machine1" and "machine2"

      HOST_GROUP team machine1 machine2
      RESERVE 2 AppScanSourceDev HOST_GROUP team

  3. After saving the option file, stop and start license server.
    It will show output in lmgrd.log with the format below:

    RESERVING #lic feature license for type type_name

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