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What is the IBM® Rational® ClearCase MultiSite® diagnostic script, how does it work and what is its purpose?



    The script is used to collect MultiSite related information to assist in diagnosing MultiSite issues.


    perl -site=<site designation> -vobtag=<vob tag>
    [-showdeleted] [-help] [-force_os={win32,unix}]

    Note: This is the usage for the most current version of


    This perl script is intended to be given to customers by Rational support. It collects general information that we need for all MultiSite support calls. It will print a banner containing the site string followed by output from the following commands.
    1. cleartool -verall
    2. multitool -verall
    3. cleartool lsvob <vob_tag>
    4. cleartool describe <vob_tag>
    5. cleartool dump <vob_tag>
    6. cleartool lsreplica -long
    7. multitool lsepoch
    8. For each replica found in step 6
      1. cleartool describe -long replica:<replica_name>
      2. cleartool dump -long replica:<replica_name>
    9. uname on UNIX & ver on Windows
    10. Will also include information about the Sync Manager such as a multitool syncserver -inquire -vob $vob_tag if running the script on a host with ClearCase 2003.06.14 (Service Release 4 on Windows or MultiSite patch 6 on UNIX) or later.
    11. You must supply a string identifying the "site".
      Note: You may choose any string name. The script expects to be run in a view in the VOB tag for the replica at the site given as an argument.

      perl -site=<site designation> -vobtag=<vob tag>

    • site = The site from which you are running the script
    • vobtag = The local VOB tag for the replica family


    Windows Example:

    Z:\Testvob>ccperl "c:\program files\rational\clearcase\etc\utils\" -site=Boston_Hub -vobtag=\Testvob >Boston_Hub_Testvob_msinfo.txt

    UNIX/Linux Example:

    /view/vobs/Testvob>Perl /usr/atria/etc/utils/ -site=Boston_Hub -vobtag=/Testvob >Boston_Hub_Testvob_msinfo.txt

    • The script is automatically shipped with ClearCase MultiSite 2003.06.00 or later in the %CCHOME%\etc\utils directory on Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX.
    • Attached to this technote
    • Use if you wish to run the script without the requirement for a view/vob context
    • Use if you are running the script on a ClearCase MultiSite version prior to 2003.06.00 to collect the data.

Note: If using, the usage of the script is slightly different as follows:

perl <> <site name> <vob tag> <redirect output>

You must be in a view/VOB context to run this version.

  1. Choose which version of the script to use (installed or attached version).

    Note: Copy the attached script to the %CCHOME%\etc\utils directory and rename the original copy if it exists.
  2. Use ccperl on Windows and Perl on UNIX and Linux.
  3. Run the script at all the sites of the replicated VOB for a given family and send the output Rational Customer Support.
Note: If an error, sh: cleartool: command not found, is reported when running the script, refer to technote 1585596 for further assistance.

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