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Cannot bind an admin_server handle error creating views or VOBs on NAS filer

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This technote explains why the Cannot bind an admin_server handle error results while attempting to store an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® view or VOB on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device along with instructions to resolve the problem.


The following error occurs while creating a view or VOB on a NAS filer:

%>cleartool mkview -tag NAS_view -host NAS_svr -hpath \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws -gpath \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws  \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws
albd_contact call failed: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = [WINSOCK] Connection reset by peer
cleartool: Error: Unable to contact albd_server on host 'NAS_svr'
cleartool: Error: Cannot bind an admin_server handle on "NAS_svr": ClearCase object not found.
cleartool: Error: Unable to create view "\\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws".


The NAS device was mistakenly specified as the HOST in the cleartool mkview (or mkvob) command.

When creating a view (or VOB) on a NAS filer, the HOST (-host) must be the UNIX®, Linux® or Microsoft® Windows® computer on which the ClearCase server processes (view or VOB) will run (not the NAS filer).

Resolving the problem

Use the name of a host with Rational ClearCase installed (at the proper patch level) that will serve as a ClearCase view or VOB server;

Here are example commands when storing views on NAS:

  1. %>cleartool mkview -tag NAS_view -host ccvobsvr1 -hpath \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws -gpath \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws
    Created view.
    Host-local path: ccvobsvr1:\\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws
    Global path:     \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws

  2. %>cleartool lsview -l NAS_view
    Tag: NAS_view
    Global path: \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws
    Server host: ccvobsvr1
    Region: clearcase_region
    Active: YES
    View tag uuid:db21ac52.439d415b.a525.5c:6d:ff:f2:dd:1a
    View on host: ccvobsvr1
    View server access path: \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws
    View uuid: db21ac52.439d415b.a525.5c:6d:ff:f2:dd:1a
    View owner: DOMAIN\user

  3. %>cleartool lsview -prop -full NAS_view
    * NAS_view             \\NAS_svr\view\NAS_view.vws
    Created 28-Mar-01.08:34:45 by
    Last modified 28-Mar-01.08:34:45 by
    Last accessed 28-Mar-01.08:34:45 by
    Text mode: unix
    Properties: dynamic readwrite nshareable_dos
    Owner: DOMAIN\user    : rwx (all)
    Group: DOMAIN\group      : rwx (all)
    Other:                  : r-x (read)

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Software Development Rational ClearCase VOB
Software Development Rational ClearCase View: Dynamic

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Software version: 7.0, 7.0.1, 2003.06.00

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Modified date: 06 May 2008