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Must be run on server storage location's host

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains why attempts to create an IBM Rational® ClearCase® server storage location (stgloc) on a Network Attached Storage device results in the error Must be run on server storage location's host. and provides instructions to resolve the problem.


Attempts to make a view or VOB storage location (stgloc) on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device results in the following error:

C:\>cleartool mkstgloc -vob -host NAS_svr -hpath \\NAS_svr\vob -gpath \\NAS_svr\vob NAS_stgloc \\NAS_svr\vob Advertise existing directory "\\NAS_svr\vob"?  [no] y
cleartool: Error: Must be run on server storage location's host.
cleartool: Error: Unable to create server storage location.


The NAS device is incorrectly specified as the HOST in the mkstgloc command.

When creating a storage location (stgloc) on a NAS server, the HOST (-host) specified must be the machine on which the server processes (VOB or view) will run.

Review the ClearCase Administrators Guide on the topic of Creating server storage locations on a NAS device for more information.

Resolving the problem

Use the name of a host (a machine with ClearCase installed at the proper patch level) that will serve as a ClearCase view or VOB server. The machine you run this command on MUST be the host that will be the view or VOB server.

Windows example:

C:\>cleartool mkstgloc -vob -host ccvobsvr1 -hpath \\NAS_svr\vob -gpath \\NAS_svr\vob NAS_stgloc \\NAS_svr\vob
Advertised existing Server Storage Location.
Host-local path: ccvobsvr1:\\NAS_svr\vob
Global path:     \\NAS_svr\vob

C:\>cleartool lsstgloc -long NAS_stgloc
Name: NAS_stgloc
Type: Vob
Region: clearcase_region
Storage Location uuid: fb3544ab.9d7c47e3.b097.25:49:20:a6:bd:ee
Global path: \\NAS_svr\vob
Server host: ccvobsvr1
Server host path: \\NAS_svr\vob

Unix example:

cleartool mkstgloc -vob -host ccvobsvr2 -hpath /net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx -gpath /net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx NAS_stgloc /net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx
cleartool: Warning: Storage pathname "/net/NAS_svr2/temp" may not reside on host "ccvobsvr2".
Created and advertised Server Storage Location.
Host-local path: ccvobsvr2:/net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx
Global path:     /net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx

cleartool lsstgloc -l
Name: NAS_stgloc
  Type: VOB
  Region: unix
  Storage Location uuid: b457bd5d.6c8b11de.86ee.00:01:80:9f:0a:a5
  Global path: /net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx
  Server host: ccvobsvr2
  Server host path: /net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx

cleartool mkvob -tag /scratch/vob77 -stgloc NAS_stgloc                                           Comments for "/net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx/vob77.vbs":
Created versioned object base.
Host-local path: ccvobsvr2:/net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx/vob77.vbs
Global path:     /net/NAS_svr2/temp/vobx/vob77.vbs
VOB ownership:
Additional groups:

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