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Overview of creating test environments from database backups, or re-connecting to restored databases

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What steps are required in IBM Rational ClearQuest after moving or restoring databases using third-party vendor database utilities?


It is possible to use vendor database tools to create a clone of the production databases as a "testing" environment. You can also use these tools to restore the databases from one server to another for either migration or disaster recovery purposes.



If ClearQuest databases are moved or cloned using third-party, vendor specific, non-ClearQuest tools, these steps must also be performed to help ensure successful operation.

1. Restore the databases from backup. The databases ultimately need to match the vendor configuration requirements outlined in the ClearQuest documentation.

2. Open the ClearQuest Maintenance Tool in order to change the database information stored within the Schema Repository. Note that this activity will require a login for the Admin or super user account. Failure to perform this step vs. going to Connection New instead may result in creating a connection to the original environment where the databases were restored from.

    A. If creating a test environment: Go to the menu option Schema Repository > Update > Other. Input the information for the newly created, cloned schema repository database. It is important NOT to input the connection information for the production database, even if that is the information that originally appears in the Update Other screen.
        After this is completed, create a new connection. By default, the information for the cloned database should appear for use with this new connection.
            B. If moving the production databases: Using the existing connection, update the schema repository with the new login information. Select the connection from the list and select the menu option Schema Repository > Update > Selected Connection. Enter the properties in the various fields for the new location of the production schema repository database.

            If no connection exists, follow the instructions in step 2-A.

            You must export the connection profile. Have the ClearQuest native Client and Eclipse RCP client users import it to get the new connection parameters to the master database. Also, if using a ClearQuest Web server to connect to this database, you must import the cqprofile.ini file on the Web server as well.
            3. It should now be possible to log into ClearQuest Designer with the new connection profile.

            4. Use ClearQuest Designer to update the user database properties.

              A. In the legacy ClearQuest Designer interface, select the menu option Database > Update User Database Properties.

            For each logical user database, re-enter all the information relevant to the NEW location of the user database. If this is a part of a test environment, ensure that the information input into the connection fields are not that of the production environment. If successful, a message will display stating that the database information has been updated.

            Repeat this step for each applicable database. In the environment.

            5. Log into the user database(s) in the client, to test out ClearQuest usability.

            WARNING: Failure to follow these directions correctly may result in the use of pre-existing database connection information for old the schema repository or user databases, and will result in corrupting your production environment.

            BACKING UP FILES

            Always make new database back-ups of your schema repository and user databases prior to making schema changes and performing database upgrades. Failure to create back-up copies can limit your ability to recover from a an upgrade failure, design change issues or other unforeseen failures.

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