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Highlighting text in Domino server console causes the server to hang

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Lotus Notes® clients receive "Server Not Responding" when connecting to a Lotus® Domino® server where the Domino server console text has been highlighted. If the console is in edit mode, portions of the text can be highlighted where a white box will appear. Once highlighted, the server stops outputting text to the console.

This can be switched off or on using the window properties (Options tab, Edit options "Quick Edit Mode" and "Insert Mode"). Checking these options turns the ability to highlight on. In Windows® 2000 and Windows 2000 Professional, these options are checked by default.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start the Domino server on Windows NT® or Windows 2000.
2. Switch the Domino server console window to edit mode:

- Right-click on the Domino server "Command Prompt" window title bar and select Edit, Mark.
- In edit mode, use the mouse cursor and directly highlight messages on the Domino server console.

3. Have a Notes® client perform an action that will send a message to the server console (for example, access the server, then press the F5 key).
4. Notice that no new text appears in the console.
5. After a period of time (depending on the buffer size) clients receive the error message "Remote System Not Responding" or "Server not responding". If attempting to access the server from a remote console the error "Server error: No response from server for this command" will appear.
6. When you do a trace, status shows "Connected to sever xxx" but they are unable to access the server.
7. Press the space bar (or any key) and the backlog of messages are posted to the console in quick succession. The client can now access the server.


This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR #KTAI4SG8EB. The workaround is to uncheck the options "Quick Edit Mode" and "Insert Mode" in the window properties.

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