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How to avoid memory dumps being overwritten on a Domino server

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When you create a memory dump on your Domino server, the file is always saved with the same file name (memory.dmp). As a result, if the preceding memory.dmp file is not removed (or renamed) prior to initiating a subsequent memory dump, the information in the file will be overwritten. How can this be avoided?


Beginning with Release 5.0.9 of Domino, the following new variable can be dynamically set:

This will change the file name to include the date and time that the memory dump was created.

Note DEBUG_MEMDUMP_TIMEDATE was not implemented in Domino 6.0. Starting with 6.0.1 the memory dumps now have a unique file name that includes date and time. In Notes Domino 6 (for Win32) the file is placed into: /data/ibm_technical_support/, and has a file format of memory_servername_2003_mm_dd@time.dmp. There is no longer a need for the notes.ini parameter: DEBUG_MEMDUMP_TIMEDATE=1.

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