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Recommended naming conventions for server names or domain names

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Are there any particular naming conventions recommended by IBM for Domino server names or Domino domain names?


Naming conventions and requirements

As you plan your deployment, consider the following naming conventions and guidelines:

Domino domain names should be a single word or string (maximum of 31 characters). Do not use periods (.) in the Domino domain name as they are reserved characters.

Organization name is the name of the Certifier ID and is appended to all user and server names. The Organization name may be the same or different than the Domain name. One organization may have multiple domains, and one or more Domains may only belong to one organization. The name can have a maximum of 64 characters.

Notes network names denote groups of servers that are physically connected and use the same network protocol. The name can have a maximum of 31 characters. It is helpful to use an identifier such as the location of the Domino named network, the LAN type, or the protocol. For example, Boston SPX Net or Singapore TCPIP Net are descriptive names.

Domino server names are unique names that identify servers in a given Domino domain. Domino server names can consist of one or more words (a maximum of 79 characters) and can consist of any characters except: parentheses, at (@), slash and backslash (/ and \), equal (=), and plus (+). Using spaces or periods is not recommended. If you use spaces, you must enter that server name in quotes ("") when entering a command at the server console. As the Domino server name is also used within the given protocols name to address resolve process the use of underscores and periods can create lookup failures within different protocols. As such they are strongly not recommended.

Guidelines for naming a Domino server

Choose a name you want to keep. Changing a server name involves recertifying the server ID and changing the name in the Server document, Group documents, database access control lists (ACLs), and Connection documents.

Choose a name without a space, underscore or periods. When you use server console commands, you must use quotation marks around a server name containing spaces.

Consider that replication and mail routing tasks are usually performed based on numerical then alphabetical order. For example, when the router faces multiple choices for a routing path, Domino routes mail to the server 01Finance, then the server Accounting, then the server Research.

In certain networks the first several characters in a server name must be unique for the network to identify the server. With NetBIOS, the first 15 characters must be unique; with AppleTalk, the first 32 must be unique; and with SPX, the first 47 must be unique and is case sensitive with NDS.

For iSeries now named iSystems the following limitations exist

Domino Domain has the following restrictions:
Specify the domain name to be used. The first 15 characters of the name must be unique across the organization. You can use letters, numbers, and the special characters &, - and _ in the name. The name can be mixed case. The maximum length of the domain name is 31 characters.

Server Name:
Specifies the name of the Domino server. The first 15 characters of this name must be unique across the organization. The Domino server name can be a text string having 1 to 246 characters. The maximum server name length decreases by 1 for every character after the 3rd character in the Organization name. For example, if the Organization name is 4 characters long, the server name length can not exceed 245 characters. Server names can contain a maximum of 246 characters and consist of any characters except: parentheses, at (@), slash and backslash (/ and \), underscore (_), equal (=), and plus (+), and space ( ).

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