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Advantages of the REXX compiler

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What are the advantages of using the REXX Compiler?


  • Speed
    Most compiled REXX programs run faster than interpreted, reducing system load and improving response time.
  • Object code
    The compiler generates unreadable code, protecting REXX-coded assets and allowing REXX programs to be shipped as Object Code Only (OCO).
  • Program quality and developer productivity
    The compiler checks REXX programs for the correct syntax, enabling debugging to begin with more-correct programs. The comprehensive source and cross-reference listings provide valuable documentation and help during debugging.
  • Extends the scope of using REXX
    Compiled REXX programs may be used in situations where an interpreted REXX cannot be invoked, thereby extending the usability of the REXX language. This is because compiled programs may be linked to form load modules (OS/390 or z/OS) or MODULES (z/VM).

    Examples are:
    • Writing parts of an application in REXX and parts in another language, then linking these parts together
    • Better packaging of compiled programs (one load module and not several REXX source files, thereby avoiding search order problems, name conflicts etc.)
    • Writing TSO CP (Command Processors) in REXX
    • Starting REXX directly from JCL with EXEC PGM=<rexxprog>
    • Starting as a phase in z/VSE
    • Writing Function Packages for REXX execs in REXX
    • Programs may be placed in a DCSS (z/VM)

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More support for: Compiler and Library for REXX on zSeries

Software version: 1.4

Operating system(s): z/OS, z/VM

Software edition: Compiler, Runtime Library

Reference #: 1031299

Modified date: 06 April 2004