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PM93919: RDz shows false warning when variable name is split by continuation line


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APAR status

  • Closed as fixed if next.

Error description

  • In Rational Developer for System z a COBOL program with
    continuation lines that split a variable name shows an incorrect
    warning in LPEX and COBOL editor.
    Any sentence, entry, clause, or phrase that requires more than
    one line can be continued in Area B of the next line that is
    neither a comment line nor a blank line. The line being
    continued is a continued line; the succeeding lines are
    continuation lines. Area A of a continuation line must be blank.
    If there is no hyphen (-) in the indicator area (column 7) of a
    line, the last character of the preceding line is assumed to be
    followed by a space.
    If there is a hyphen in the indicator area of a line, the first
    nonblank character of the continuation line immediately follows
    the last nonblank character of the continued line without an
    intervening space.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • The COBOL editor parser does not support COBOL tokens split
    across multiple lines.
    Support for many uses of split tokens has been added to the
    COBOL parser.  Some limitations will persist, and the following
    uses of COBOL line continuations are not supported by the COBOL
    parser or have limited support:
      - Line continuations within Copybooks.
      - Line continuations within EXEC blocks.
      - Line continuations within COPY or REPLACE statements
      - Line continuations of line comments.
      - Line continuations within Picture Clauses
    This APAR is being closed FIN with concurrence from the
    submitting customer. This means that a fix to this APAR is
    expected to be delivered from IBM in a release which is being
    developed at the time that the APAR was closed. The latest
    release of the product to exit development at the time this
    APAR was closed was: Rational Developer for System z V9.0.1.

Problem conclusion

Temporary fix


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  • R901 PSY


Document information

More support for: Rational Developer for System z

Software version: 8.5

Reference #: PM93919

Modified date: 10 December 2013