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PM91664: possibility for module corruption after individual locking of cells and rows


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • If a module is setup such that a tables' rows and cells are in
    different sections, it is possible to remove all cells in a row
    without removing the row, thereby creating a corrupt table.
    The effects of this are minor, and mostly graphical. E.g. :
     - if a row in the middle of a table is removed, a gap will be
    left between the rows above and below it
     - if all cells in the table are removed, a gap will be left
    between the objects above and below
     - if all cells in the table are removed, the table indicator
    will remain in the module explorer, and when selected will
    result in the first object in the module being selected in the
    right-hand pane
     - when the final cell in a row is removed a message will appear
    stating that the user does not have access to the object (this
    presumably refers to the row object)
     - if using DXL to verify or recreate the table hierarchy extra
    verification may be required
    To recreate:
     - insert some objects and a table into a module
     - run code such as the following to split all objects,
    including row objects, into different sections:
    Module m = current
    Object o
    for o in entire m do {
     specific o
     - open the module in shareable edit mode
     - lock and delete each cell in a row, then each cell in the

Local fix

Problem summary

  • Manipulating table cells and rows requires write access to the
    root table object.

Problem conclusion

  • Prevent the delete keypress from removing table cells that
    should not be removable.

Temporary fix

  • To perform major table layout changes (rather than changing the
    contents of the cells);  use Exclusive Edit mode and use the
    Table menu items designed for that purpose.


  • This happens in versions of DOORS prior to DOORS This i
    s a client side fix.

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  • R951 PSY


Document information

More support for: Rational DOORS

Software version: 9.1

Reference #: PM91664

Modified date: 07 November 2013