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PM83152: Rational Developer for System z : A disconnect should close the edit session in the LPEX editor


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Rational Developer for System z - RDz - v8.5.1
    When a JCL source is opened within the LPEX editor and
    a new connection with same user is used, then the submit
    command of the LPEX editor gets an exception after
    reconnecting to the server.
    The error message is 'Uncaught exception in 'sub' command.
    Command was reset to installation setting.'
    So a disconnect should close the edit session, allowing
    changes to be saved locally.
    Here are the steps to reproduce :
    1. Connect to the first connection1
    2. Open a jcl source with LPEX editor
    3. Submit the jcl with the command 'sub' in LPEX command line
    ??? jcl is submitted
    4. Connecting to the server with a second connection2
    (same user), connection1 with the open editor gets a RSEG1057
    message and is disconnected, the jcl source is still open in the
    LPEX editor
    5. Disconnect of the second connection2 again
    6. Reconnect to the server with the first connection1
    7. Submit the jcl again with the command 'sub'

Local fix

Problem summary

  • See error description.

Problem conclusion

  • We are going to go ahead and remove the connection error check
    and close all remote file edit sessions when a connection is
    lost for any reason.  One side effect is that open files with
    pending changes are treated differently depending on which
    editor is involved:
    1) COBOL Editor - User is prompted to save the file, user says
    OK, change is written to local cache, cache synchronizer detects
    the change and tries to re-connect and write change to host, if
    reconnect fails user change is lost when the file is next opened
    since the host file is considered to be the master copy
    2) LPEX Editor - User is prompted to save the file, user says
    OK, LPEX detects that remote system is not connected and waits,
    eventually giving an operation cancelled error then informs the
    user that a local copy has been autosaved (no connect prompt is
    displayed as it was for the COBOL Editor).  On reconnect, the
    user is asked if they want to use the autosaved file and if so
    the saved file is opened and marked as dirty.
    It would take a sizable effort to make the 2 editors work the
    same in the above scenario and to improve the overall user
    experience (e.g. eliminating error logon prompts, error
    messages, and providing a merge dialog - especially if the file
    is changed on the host by another tool/user).  Such an effort
    will not be part of this APAR.
    The problem listed in this APAR has been resolved with
    IBM Rational Developer for System z V8.5.1.4 Fix Pack which
    is available from the Recommended Fixes support download page:

Temporary fix


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More support for: Rational Developer for System z

Software version: 8.5

Reference #: PM83152

Modified date: 16 October 2013