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PM73411: Misleading behavior of 'Inherit' option when its accessed via the Object Properties ? Attributes tab


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • The option 'Inherit' found when accessing Attribute values from:
    Right Click Object ? Properties ? Attributes ? Select Attribute
    in question ? Edit is misleading.
    This behavior is better explained via the following set of steps
    to reproduce:
    1. Open a module, create an Attribute of any type (For example:
    say type Enumeration and let it be a Multi valued one. Make sure
    to have the option 'Inherit value' checked, optionally you can
    have 'Default value' unchecked)
    2. Right click on any object in the module and select 'Object
    3. Select the tab 'Attributes' and double click on the attribute
    in question.
    4. Uncheck the value 'Inherit' and click OK.
    5. Again in the Object Properties ? Attributes tab, double click
    on the attribute, the option 'Inherit' is still checked.
    If the end user doesn't do Step # 5 (which is most oftenly the
    case). They would be in an impression that the Attribute value
    for the selected Object is no longer inheriting the values from
    its parent. However, this isn't true and hence this behavior of
    DOORS is misleading.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • The option 'Inherit' value when unchecked while accessing
    Attribute values for any object, need to have a default value
    entered in the text box. User has misunderstood the behavior
    (explained in the defect). This default value when not selected,
     no warning box is popped to the user, requesting value of type
    mentioned in the attribute type be entered.
    Ok is accepted and there are no changes made to the object. This
    is very misleading, as no warning box is popped up.

Problem conclusion

  • A warning box gets popped up, when no default inherit value is
    entered. This lets user enter/select a value as applicable.
    Solution implemented for different attribute types are:
    For integer, real, text and string attribute types, warning box
    is popped up asking user to enter a value of type the attribute
    For date and enumeration, warning box is popped up asking user
    to select date or select a value from the list for enum.

Temporary fix

  • There is no workaround for this issue


  • This happens in versions of DOORS prior to DOORS This i
    s a client side fix.

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  • R951 PSY


Document information

More support for: Rational DOORS

Software version: 9.3

Reference #: PM73411

Modified date: 07 November 2013